Warranty Issues for Broken or Defective Products

What to do if the product you purchases breaks or needs repair

If the product you bought breaks or is you feel it is defective & it is still under warranty please contact the manufacturer directly to discuss the problems you are having AFTER you read through this page.

Because we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on most products please ensure that you have registered your product AFTER you have decided to keep the product.

In some cases the problem can be resolved without contacting the manufacturer so please read through this before contacting them.

Problems with your Razertip pyrography tools or Razaire

One of the most common problems that occur with woodburning tools is the pen is not heating up or getting too hot. The first thing to do is check the connections on both ends of the cord. Be sure they are tight & plugged in all the way. If it still doesn't work, plug the pen directly into the burner & see if the pen works properly. If the pen works when plugged directly into the burner then the problem is with the cord. If it still doesn't work then the problem is with the pen. IF the problem has not been resolved using this test then it's time to contact Razertip to explain what the problem is & what you have done to test it out.

For other failures with your woodburning tools you might also find answers to common problems on the Razertip tutorial. If you can't find a solution please contact Razetip to discuss the problem. They will be able to walk you through some steps to help determine the nature of the problem & the course of action to be taken to resolve the problem. Be sure you retain the original invoice for your purchase.

For Razertip products, failure &/or warranty issues please use the contact information below. There is also more information on the Razertip tutorial but please be sure to read through that information which might also answer some questions you might be having about the performance of your tools

Do not send damaged or broken burners or pens to us, it will only delay the process. In order to expedite the processing of the your product, they should be returned directly to the manufacturer.

If you need service after the warranty has expired be sure to contact Razertip. Razertip products are designed to last many years and they can re-tip or otherwise repair most products in a very cost-effective manner. Please, don't throw it out without checking with Razertip first.

NOTE: No matter what the problem is, please be sure to contact me so I am aware of what the problem was so I have a record of any ongoing issues.

If you need to return a product to Razertip for repair please ship directly to Razertip. It's best to contact them before packing & shipping to find out if there are any specific instructions. Be sure to note on the shipping documents that the contents are "broken or defective products".

Razertip's contact information:

Razertip Industries Inc.
PO Box 910

301-9th Street North
Martensville, SK S0K 2T0 Canada

Toll-free 1-877-729-3787
Phone (306)931-0889 Fax (306)242-6119
Web: www.razertip.com Email info@razertip.com 

Defective or Broken Proxxon Tools

For Proxxon tools that are defective please contact the distributor for return shipping instructions. Please call them at 920-757-1718 to discuss the problem you are having & provide the date of purchase. If the product is to be returned they will provide the shipping address.

Proxxon tools carry a 2 year warranty which is handled by Prox-Tech Inc., the USA Distributor. You can contact them at 1-877-PROXXON

You must include a copy of your receipt for proof of purchase for a warranty claim. Be sure to include your phone number & a brief description of the problem.

Prox-Tech Inc.

P O Box 1909

Hickory, NC 28603

All Other Products

For warranty issues for all other products please refer to the manual that came with your product. 


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