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Razertip Pyrography Tools, Fixed-tip Handpieces, Starter Kits and Accessories at Discounted Prices

Sawdust Connection has been selling Razertip pyrography tools, pens & accessories for about 15 years. Why, because they are the finest pyrography tools on the market, they have the best warranty in the industry & their customer service is the best, not because they have to, but just because that's the way they do business! It must be working because they have been around for over 30 years & they are now the leader in the industry!

This page contains an overview of Razertip products & their Exclusive  unconditional warranty!


The answer to that is pretty simple. Unlike some dealers that sell a variety of brands I made a decision several years ago I don't want to sell products just to make a sale. I'd rather lose a sale than lose a customer because they were unhappy with what they bought from me. Having happy customers is far more important to me & it's why I have customers that keep coming back. Bottom line...If my customers are happy that makes me happy!

When the economy crashed I tried to offer my customers some cheaper options but they all paled by comparison to Razertip. I found that I was getting far more complaints from unhappy customers. Several years ago I made a decision that having happy customers was more important than making more money. I didn't start this business to get rich, I started it to help people find the tools they need that meets their needs but I want the products I sell to be the best quality so that my customers are happy with their purchase for years to come.

What really sets Razertip apart from the competition? That's easy, it is their commitment to making a quality product, having the best warranty in the industry & keeping their customers happy. Their customer service is the best, not because they have to, but just because that's the way they do business! I think that says it all!

I have been selling Razertip pyrography tools, pens & accessories since 2002 & I will continue to do so until the day I finally retire.

When I started selling Razertip back in 2002 Cam worked with me to make tips to my specifications for my own personal needs & once I approved the prototypes I started ordering them for my business. The first tip styles they made for me were the: HD5MP Bent spear shader & the F99 series of Ball Stylus. As time went on & I needed a special tip I worked with Razertip to develop others based on my specifications: HD5MSP (the smaller, longer version of the HD5MP), F14D a Round Heeled Knife with a blunt heel, HD9PL Gourd Poker & others. Due to the popularity of these tip styles Razertip began offering them in their catalog & on the website.

So, check out the great Razertip products on my website. I have confidence that you will love them!

Want to Just Jump in & Shop the Razertip store?

NOTE: I do urge you to read this page before heading over to the Razertip store but if you want to just jump right in I do understand. This page will give you an overview of Razertip products, how I do business & why I have been using Razertip for over 15 years & so highly recommend their products.


The links to all the shops are on the menu on the left or click on the links below to go directly to the Razertip department of your choice. Once you click on a Razertip page all the Razertip pages will jump to the top of the menu to make it easier to find what you are looking for. Before you make a decision I encourage you to read the Razertip tutorial which will answer all your questions.

Pyrography woodburning tools, pens and accessories. Razertip HD5MP. Razertip HD68M Brass Calligraphy Pen.

Razertip Burners, Kits & Accessories

Pyrography systems, starter kits, cords, tip cleaners, etc.

Razertip General Purpose Pens

General purpose fixed-tip pens such as shaders, spears, skews, etc.

Razertip Specialty Use Pens & Tip Sets

Specialty fixed-tip pens & tip sets such as calligraphy, ball stylus, cutting tips, circle stampers, long tips, etc.





Tutorial on Razertip Tools & Tips

For a complete tutorial on the uses, selection and care, please click here to go to the "Pyrography 101" Razertip burner and pen tutorial. The tutorial contains everything you need to know about Razertip burners and pens, FAQ's and photos with examples of how the pens can be used. It can be a great guide to help you decide which pens you might need or how to use the ones you already have and don't know what to do with. There is also a tutorial on other aspects of pyrography, such as safety, wood selection and prep, supplies and more.

Compare Razertip To Any Brand on the Market

I get calls when people aren't happy. I have to deal with manufacturers when there are problems. I hear & see it all from the consumers side & from my side as a user & dealer.

I've dealt with companies with such slow service that I have had to wait months for an order &Razertip Pyrography Systems. customers have to wait weeks or months to get repairs done on their burners. I've gotten calls from people who have ordered burners directly from manufacturers & have waited over a  month & still haven't received their order. People have called me complaining that when they called a manufacturer the customer got the feeling that the company rep was doing them a favor talking to them. I've dealt with companies who's quality control was lacking & brand new burners come right out of the box or tips are burning out because the cords are defective & this happened repeatedly. After using every brand manufactured in North America & selling most of thel brands of burners I just decided to represent only Razertip because they have never disappointed me or my customers. That's why it's the only one I have personally used & sold continuously sold since 2002.

 I cannot say enough good things about them....all based on my personal & professional experience with them. So, here's my opinion based on my experience with Razertip & the competition that I have dealt with.

Can any other company meet all of these consistently or even come close? Am I biased? The answer to that is absolutely. I'm biased because this is the kind of company that others should aspire to be like. Razertip sets an excellent example of how to treat customers & how to build good products.

Razertip vs. The Competition

  • best in OVERALL performance...CONSISTENTLY!
  • best quality control (lowest incidence of manufacturing defects/failure rate)...CONSISTENTLY!
  • best customer service, not because they have to (because of manufacturing defects/failure) but just because that is just the way they run their business...CONSISTENTLY!
  • fast service (new orders & repairs)....CONSISTENTLY (even having to cross borders)!
  • orders are filled quickly, efficient & as ordered...CONSISTENTLY!
  • best overall customer satisfaction...hands down...CONSISTENTLY!

Having used & owned most of the other burners on the market I feel very strongly about the overall performance, quality & customer service of Razertip. They don't need to have great customer service to make up for problems with their products, they just have good customer service. I have been a Razertip user & I have sold Razertip since 2002 for a reason...I have the upmost confidence in them & their products.

I am a heavy-duty user, meaning I use the burner primarily for pyrographic art on a regular basis & I burn for extended periods of time. I have been known to burn for up to eight (8) hours a day (when my hand isn't in a cast). I feel that the Razertip meets all the needs of the heavy burner as well as the intermittent user.

Razertip's Power Control Unit (The Burner)

Razertip's 10 amp output Electronic power unit gives precision temperature control, with a very wide range of heat & one of the fastest tip-heat recovery in the industry. It is especially good at holding steady temperatures at the cooler settings, where some other burners go from too cold to "too hot", with no control in between. The ultra stable control circuitry maintains consistent burns even when turned on-&-off-&-on again. The power unit is the only safety certified hot-wire Pyrographic tool on the market. Of all the burners I have tried & worked with in my classes, this burner has, by far the most stable heat control that does not fluctuate.

Razertip's Unconditional Warranty

Unlike any other woodburner Razertip offers this warranty: If any Razertip product fails to operate properly for any reason during its warranty period, Razertip Industries, Inc. will, at Razertip's discretion, repair or replace the product at no cost to the consumer, provided the product is returned prepaid to Razertip Industries Inc. Warranty periods (from consumer's original date of purchase) are:

Description Term
Power Supplies (SK, SS-D10) Three (3) years
Standard & Heavy-duty Pens (includes fixed-tip) One (1) year
Interchangeable Tips Ninety (90) days
Cords & other Accessories One (1) year

Three (3) years on the power supply, one (1) year on handpieces (including fixed tips), and ninety (90) days on all interchangeable tips. This warranty provides for repair or replacement, at the manufacturers option, of any defective components. This warranty is limited to the actual cost of repairs and will not cover shipping costs or any consequential damages resulting from failure of the unit or its components to perform as stated. All warranty work must be done by the manufacturer. The manufacturer will not cover the costs of repairs done elsewhere.

Warranty will be voided if unit has been tampered with, altered or repaired by unauthorized persons or companies. In the event that your burner or handpiece should need service, their average repair turn around time is only one day in shop. To receive in or out-of-warranty servicing, return the complete unit including any cord(s), pen(s) and/or tip(s) directly (prepaid) to Razertip Industries at the address below.

Razertip Industries Inc.
PO Box 910, 301-9th Street North
Martensville, SK S0K 2T0 Canada

Toll-free 1-877-729-3787
Phone (306)931-0889 Fax (306)242-6119
Web: www.razertip.com Email info@razertip.com

Can I Ship Razertip Products Outside the USA?

I do not ship outside the USA but I can have them drop shipped directly from Razertip in some circumstances. Here's some information about what I can ship & what I can have shipped by Razertip & how ordering is handled.

  • If you are ordering Razertip burners & accessories (pens, tips, cleaners, etc) & you live in areas like Puerto Rico, Guam & the Virgin Islands you can order directly on my website.
  • For all other areas outside the USA, if there is no Razertip dealer in your country I can arrange to have the order drop shipped directly from Razertip. If you wish to order, please contact me directly so I give you a quote.
  • Note that there are some countries that Razertip cannot ship to so it's best to contact me.
  • Razertip DOES NOT ship to Cuba!
  • Please read the section below regarding the discount on all special orders & drop ships from Razertip.
  • Please DO NOT order directly on my website unless you are having it shipped to the USA, Continental USA & other areas listed above. Because of varying voltage requirements it is essential that you contact me for pricing information.
  • If you do order directly on my website without contacting me first I will contact you regarding the order to discuss the options. If you decide not to proceed with the order I will cancel the order & issue a refund less a the processing fee charged to me by pay pal. If you decide to proceed with the order you will be billed via PayPal for the shipping & handling charges.
  • I do list some of the prices for burners & kits for other countries on the bottom of the page for the burners kits & accessories.

About Discounts, Pricing on Special Orders & Items Being Shipped Outside the USA

  • You will NOT pay full retail prices on any Razertip product that is drop shipped from Razertip.
  • For many Razertip items that are drop shipped directly from Razertip you will receive approximately 10 - 15% discount off the manufacturers retail price. All pens, cords & other Razertip branded accessories are the same price list on my website (no discount on individual tips). This includes cords, pens & other Razertip branded accessories that are drop shipped from Razertip.
  • Burner discounts will vary depending on the country due to varying voltage requirements. Discounts on burners will vary from 10% - 15% off the manufacturer's retail price.
  • All burner prices listed on Razertip's website are listed for burners with 120v. Prices for 220/240v prices are NOT listed on their website & will be higher than the posted price. Some of the prices are listed on the my Razertip burners, kits & accessories page.
  • When I give you a quote it will include the retail price if you were to order directly from Razertip & my discounted price.
  • If you want to order something that I don't stock or that is shipping outside the USA please fill out the contact form on the "contact" page and include your name, shipping address, phone number and let me know exactly what you want to order (including item numbers & description) along with your voltage requirements.
  • I will get the retail price of the items from Razertip & send you a quote with the retail & my discounted price as well as the shipping & handling charges. If you decide to proceed with the order I will then send you an invoice through PayPal & once payment is received I will forward the order to Razertip for shipment. Tracking information will be forwarded to you as soon as I receive it.
  • Razertip will drop ship the order directly to you and they will handle any claims should there be a problem with the shipment.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact me.

Razertip Instruction Books, Manuals & Warranty Information

Razertip offers instruction manuals on all Razertip systems. You can download instruction manuals for Razertip products directly from Razertip's website. It contains the manuals for Razertip burners & the Razaire Dust Collector

You will also find complete information on the warranty; basic operation, technical information, trouble- shooting guides, temperature settings, & a whole lot more.

These are an invaluable tool for anyone who owns a Razertip Pyrography System or Razaire Dust Collection System.

Tip Replacement

The best part is that after the warranty on the pens expire, you can still get the pens fixed or replaced. Just return your pen to Razertip with $6.00  (except for scale tips and Feather Formers which are actual cost of the tip). This includes any taxes and return postage! Please include payment - check, money order, or credit card information with the pen....no questions asked!

For more information on tip replacement on any Razertip pen or most major brands of pens including pricing for the service, please go to the Razertip tutorial page for information on how to contact them, how & where to send the damaged/defective parts.

Many manufacturers do not offer the service of re-tipping their pens. Why...probably because it's more work & they would rather just sell you a new pen. Not so with Razertip.

With laser-welding Razertip has the ability to re-tip any brand or make of hot-wire pyrography tool made. They offer this service on all brands of pens including Detail Master, Colwood, Nibs, Optima, and many others. I try to keep the pricing updated but for more detailed information & up to date prices for re-tipping please go to the Razertip website

Guarantee, Returns & Warranty Issues

Please make sure you complete your warranty registration AFTER you have decided to keep the burner. Once you have registered the product it cannot be returned unless it is defective or broken. You can call or complete it online to the Razertip website at www.razertip.com

For information regarding product failure or defective products & our "no hassle guarantee" & return policy Please click go to our Guarantee, Returns & Warranty page for more information.

Special Orders on Pen Tip Styles I Don't Stock

After many years of selling Razertip I have discovered the pens that sell & those that don't. It's impossible to carry them all so I now carry the most popular & most versatile pens & tip sets made by Razertip. If there is a pen or tip set you want & I do not carry it I would be happy to order it for you at my discounted prices. I do not stock individual tips nor can I do special orders if you are only ordering individual tips.

For a complete list of Razertip pens & tips, please go to the Razertip website at www.razertip.com. I will special order any pen for you at my discounted prices. If you are ordering JUST Razertip products then your complete order will probably drop ship directly from Razertip to save on shipping charges. If you are ordering other items besides Razertip products your special order of Razertip products will drop ship directly from Razertip & the remaining items will be shipped by me in order to expedite the processing of your order.

If you are requesting a special order, please email me your complete order & I will get a quote for the items & shipping/handling quote & then bill you through Pay Pal or you can mail me a check or money order. If you are just ordering a few individual tips it's best to just order these directly from Razertip.

My Service & Pricing

Shop & compare!

  • Yes, there are dealers who might offer deeper discounts but are they based in the USA?
  • Do they specialize in pyrography tools & do they really know about the tools they are selling?
  • Can they offer you the expert advice as a professional woodburner?
  • Can they get your unit shipped to you in 5 working days or less (except for special orders)?
  • Do they have experience with all the major brands manufactured in North America to compare
  • Not only do I provide you with great service from an expert in the field, but I also offer you very competitive prices & prompt service!
  • Are you getting the same products included with the burner at that lower price?

What you get when you buy from me:

  •  I am a pyrographer & have experience with every brand of pyrography system on the market so I can make honest recommendations based on my personal experience over the last 18 years years.
  • I also have the philosophy that less is better.
  • Unlike many dealers I'm not in this business to sell you a bunch of pens & accessories you don't need, commonly referred to as upselling.
  • If you  want to support a US based company, get expert advice, want to deal with someone who is honest & will only sell you what you need, please shop my store & if you need help making the right choice, please contact me!
  • I sell pyrography tools & accessories...that's my specialty so I know my business & the tools I sell. I use them & I can help you make the right choice.
  • I have been selling wood burning tools for over 16 years & have always offered my customers discounted prices & will continue to do so.
  • I will not, however price match other dealers who sell at deeply discounted prices just to make a sale.
  •  I may not have the cheapest prices, but if you want the best, honest advice on what burners & accessories you need, this is the place to shop! I will help you buy what you need without up selling.

If you're shopping for the lowest price & do not need my advice or help choosing the right products please feel free to shop elsewhere.

I do love helping people pick out the right tools for their needs but I do hope that if you contact me for my recommendations that you do buy from me!

 Please take a few minutes & read About my business & pricing philosophy

Thanks for stopping by

Happy Burning ©,

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