Razaire 530 Portable Dust Collection System - Razaire 530 Manufactured by Razertip Industries

The Razaire 530 is the smallest, quietest, most powerful & versatile portable dust collector in the world

The Razaire 530 is the most advanced portable dust collector ever made. It's modular design gives you versatility never before offered. The Razaire 530 set the new standard for portable dust collectors when it was introduced in 1997. It is still the smallest, quietest, most powerful & versatile portable dust collector in the world.

Sawdust Connection has been a Razertip dealer for over 10 years. We are very excited to be able to offer you the best portable dust collector system on the market. & even better because it is manufactured by Razertip Industries a company you can trust for having the best customer service, quality & warranty in the industry.

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About The Razaire 530 Dust Collector

Because it is a modular system, it can handle the dust control needs of any small homeRazaire 530 Portable Dust Collection System. workshop - from collecting dust at the source (rotary carving tools, belt sanders, etc.) to overall shop air filtration.

How does it work? Basically, dusty air enters the front of the unit, drawn in by a powerful impeller fan. The dust is trapped by a filter that removes over 90% of 3-4 micron sized particles (about the size of baby powder). Clean air is then exhausted out the side. For most carving applications, it is not necessary to carve inside the acrylic hood - working 6" in front of it usually provides satisfactory results. With enough suction to pick up shavings from a planer (with a 4" hose attached), the Razaire 530 can handle it all.

The supplied standard 2" filter is easily removed for cleaning (filter is cleaned by tapping it into a plastic bag or a garbage can). It can be cleaned many times before replacement is necessary. The Flameproof ABS cabinet has a built-in lamp holder that accepts a standard swing-arm lamp (not included), giving you excellent light where you need it most - right at the intake. Also supplied with an 8 inch acrylic hood that breaks down into 3 flat panels for portability.

Several accessories can be added to increase the versatility of this system - everything from adding higher efficiency filters or extra filter stages (for increased efficiency) to a 4" hose adapter, a lap-top tray, a motor tool hanger, & a deflector to direct the air towards the back.

Specifications & Technical Data

  • Weight: 3.3kg / 7.25lb. (with standard 2 inch filter installed).
  • Construction: Structurally foamed flame retardant ABS plastic, certified CSA A000 flameproof.
  • Fan: Variable speed high performance impeller type fan 530 CFM free air, 400 CFM @ .4" static pressure.
  • Electrical ratings: 120VAC, 60Hz, .67A 100watts.
  • Size: 11”x11”x6”” (278mm x 278mm x 152mm) Weight: 7.25 lb. / 3.3kg.
  • Standard Filter: 9.75" x10.5" x 2" pleated filter rated 30% efficient w/1 micron particle. Other filter types are available.
  • Housing: Structurally foamed flame retardant ABS plastic, certified CSA A000
  • Safety Certification: CSA c/us safety certification (CSA #LR95555) for North America.
  • Warranty: 5 years on the impeller (fan), 10 years on all other parts of the power unit.

Other Standard Features

  • Easy to use
  • Quiet, powerful operation
  • Built-in lamp holder
    Variable speed fan
  • Built-in carrying handle
  • Built to last
  • One-year unconditional warranty

Razaire 530 FAQ'S

CFM Ratings:
One of the first questions we get asked about the Razaire 530 is how many CFM's? While it may seem like a simple enough question, the answer gets a bit complicated. we'll try to explain.
CFM stands for "cubic feet per minute", & indicates how many cubic feet of air can be moved through the fan in one minute. The theory is, the more CFM the better, but this is not necessarily so.

Static Pressure:
Another factor governing fan performance is something called static pressure is measured in inches of water gauge. Static pressure is basically anything that restricts the air coming into the fan,
for example, a filter. Obviously a clogged filter would provide more static pressure than a clean filter. So here is why our choice of fan was so critical to the performance of the Razaire 530.
The fan we chose for the 530 is actually a high-tech version of a fan called an impeller, & it is rated at 530 CFM! Impellers are much more efficient than other types of fans (unfortunately, they are also more expensive).

Axial Fan:
The regular type of fan that most people are familiar with is called an axial fan rated at 550 CFM may sound more powerful, but it isn't. Putting a new filter in front of it introduces approx. 0.15" static pressure, dropping the CFM rating to only 200 CFM. Getting a load of sawdust in the filter increases the static pressure to over 0.2", reducing airflow to below 175 CFM. By the time static pressure gets up to 0.4", airflow has dropped below 20 CFM or about half that of a bathroom fan.

Razaire 530 Impeller:
Now let's look at our impeller. At 0.15" static pressure it still moves over 500CFM. At 0.2", airflow is still above 485 CFM. At 0.4", airflow is over 400 CFM. The impeller will move air all the way up to 1.5" static pressure. Other advantages of the impeller are several. Because of the blade design, the blades will not load up, so they should never need to be cleaned. Also, as static pressure increases, the impeller actually uses less electricity, so it won't burn out from too much pressure. Our impeller is built to last & last.

About the Noise Levels:

10/1/12: In response to a question I was asked this morning regarding the sones level for the Razaire I contacted Razertip regarding the noise levels for the Razaire. This was the response I received:

"The fan itself is rated at 70dba (decibels). The Razaire 530 is even quieter than the 70dba rating because the housing and filter have a muffling effect. We've never done an actual decibel test on the Razaire 530 because noise has never been an issue, you can carry on a conversation or listen to music in the shop while using it, so it's not very loud. Of course it's quieter at low fan settings and a bit louder at high settings - mostly because of the large amount of air passing through it at full speed. We have never done a sones rating test (this is the very first time anyone has brought it up)".

Cam Merkle, President, Razertip Industries

Q. What is the warranty on the Razaire?

A. The Razaire 530 impeller (fan) is warranted to be free of defects for a period of five years from the original date of purchase. All other parts on the Power Unit carry a 10 year warranty. This warranty provides for repair or replacement, at the manufacturer's option, of any defective components. This warranty is limited to the actual cost of repairs and will not cover shipping costs or any consequential damages resulting from failure of the unit or its components to perform as stated. All warranty work must be done by the manufacturer or an agent authorized by the manufacturer. The manufacturer will not cover the costs of repairs done elsewhere. This warranty will be voided if unit has been tampered with or altered or if repaired by unauthorized persons or companies.

To receive in or out-of-warranty servicing, return the complete unit directly (prepaid) to Razertip Industries at the address below.

Should your Razaire 530 require servicing, our average repair turn around time is only one day. Some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Razertip Industries Inc.
PO Box 910, 301-9th Street North
Martensville, SK S0K 2T0 Canada

Toll-free 1-877-729-3787
Phone (306)931-0889 Fax (306)242-6119
Web: www.razertip.com Email info@razertip.com

Q. Can I vacuum the filters or blow compressed air through them to clean them?

A. We recommend no. Vacuuming the filter media can cause the filter weave to open up, causing the filter to lose efficiency. Blowing air through is even worse. If you must vacuum the filter, be sure not to touch the media when doing so. tapping is still the best way to clean the filter.

Q. Does the Razaire 530 require any maintenance or lubrication?

A. Other than cleaning or changing the filter & making sure the unit is kept clean (you can use compressed air), there is no special maintenance required. The motor uses permanently lubricated sealed bearings, & the fan blades will not allow any significant build-up.

Q. How long do the filters last?

A. That depends on how you use them & what type of particles you are trapping. If you are trapping wood dust & using modest fan speed settings, you can probably expect 12 to 20 cleanings of the filter before dust starts to show through to the back of the media. You can continue to use the filter if it is used as the front stage of two filter stages. Used in this way, most carvers find that they are only replacing one filter a year. Of course if you use the dust collector heavily & at high fan speed settings you will need to replace the filter more frequently. Because the filters are relatively inexpensive, your cost per hour of operation is still very low.

Q. What do the various filter efficiency ratings mean?

A. Ratings are nominal & are meant for comparative purposes. A 30% efficient filter will capture approximately 30% of all 1 micron particles (baby powder is around 4 microns) when used in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines. A 60% filter is twice as efficient as the 30% filter with a 1 micron particle. As particle size increases, the efficiency increases drastically. A 30% filter is over 99% efficient with a 4 micron particle. There are other factors affecting filter efficiency such as the particle type (some particles are “slipperier” than others) & fan speed or air flow, as well as the velocity that the air strikes the filter with.

Q. Why doesn't the Razaire 530 come with a higher efficiency filters?

A. Higher efficiency filters (like the 60% #ZF26 & 80% #ZF28) load up much more quickly, & when they do they restrict airflow more because of their smaller weave. They also don't clean out as well & will therefore require more frequent replacement. Coupled with their higher cost, they are not the best choice for most everyday applications.

Q. Why would I ever choose a higher efficiency filter?

A. For most users we recommend that you try the standard filter (or filters) & determine if they will meet your needs. Only if you feel that they are not efficient enough would you change to a higher efficiency filter. The only exception to this is if you will be working with “harder-to-trap” particles like soapstone or eggshell, in which case it is recommended to use an 80% filter (#ZF28) for stage 2 & a standard 30% filter (ZF20) for the first stage.

Q. Does the suction drop much when I add more filter stages?

A. Technically, the suction does drop, but the Razaire 530 has such a powerful fan that the drop is negligible.

Q. Why don't you make a larger hood for the front of the unit?

A. The amount of suction drops off very rapidly as the size of the hood opening is increased. A large hood on a unit the size of the Razaire 530 would greatly reduce the suction & would require that you work very close to, or even inside, the hood. Keep in mind that you can always fashion your own custom-shaped hood by starting with an extra filter frame & attaching your custom hood to the front of it. This way even your custom-made accessories can be quickly, easily, & securely attached, & easily removed.

Q. Can I get a filter that would filter out fumes from paint or solvent? How about smoke from woodburning?

A. The short answer is no. While we do make a carbon-layered filter (#ZF24), it will not eliminate fumes from paints, solvents, or smoke. The ZF24, used as a second stage filter, will reduce the smell of smoke for those who do woodburning in front of the Razaire 530, but it will not eliminate it. The problem is that there is too much air moving too quickly through the carbon layer of the filter for the carbon to clean the air. In order to have the right effect, the carbon layer would have to be very large (we estimate around 12 lbs. of carbon would be required) to allow the air to spend enough time in the carbon to clean it properly.

Customer Testimonials

I have been using & selling Razertip burners for so many years & although I own a Razaire I never had enough room to stock or sell them. I love it & it's so quiet I can carry on a conversation while using it & it's very efficient but I am a bit biased so I was hoping that once I started selling them I would get some feedback from customers. It didn't take long! Nedra

"I love the Razaire! It is SO quiet, & pulls everything out of the air before it can get to me. I use it constantly, every time I do anything with a gourd that can create dust. I actually have it on my taller worktable, so I can stand in front of it rather than sit. I simply tap out the dust outside periodically & vacuum the front now & then, that gets the big chunks that don’t get sucked into the screening. I am using the green filter in front, & the finer filter behind it. My workspace is just behind our living room with doors all open & the noise does not bother my husband watching TV" - C. Lazarretti, Capitan, NM

Instruction Books, Manuals & Warranty Information

Razertip offers instruction manuals on all Razertip systems. You can download this information directly from Razertip's website. It contains the information for Razertip burners & the Razaire Dust Collector. In addition you will find complete information on the warranty & technical information on the dust collection system.

You will also find complete information on the warranty; basic operation, technical information, trouble shooting guides, & a whole lot more.