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Proxxon tools are the finest quality & they are made in the USA. They are a workhorse & it is the most versatile mini Jig Saw on the market. They are suitable for work on hard & soft woods as well as plywood, gourds, corrugated boards, plastics, nonferrous metals, fiberglass reinforced sheets as well as various plastics. It is ideal for tight curves and clean cuts.

Microlux, Proxxon and The Gourd Saw Comparison

While I no longer sell Microlux & the Gourd saw I am including these comparison's so you can see the differences in each one. I hope it helps you to figure out which is the best mini saw for your needs.

Microlux Gourd Saw & Mini Jig Saw, The Gourd Saw, & Proxxon mini Jig Saw's are perfect for wood workers, crafters & gourd artists. The Mini Jig Saw's shown in the photo below are from top to bottom: Proxxon, The Gourd Saw & Microlux.

The Proxxon STS 12/E Jig Saw is a workhorse & the most versatile mini jig saw on the market & will satisfy most of your needs. It's ideal for woodworking & gourd crafting & will be the saw you use for the majority of your gourd art work. It works better on heavier & thicker materials than the Microlux gourd & other mini jig saws. They are still made in Germany.

The Proxxon STS 12/E Jig Saw is one of the best mini jig saws on the market & it is the saw that has been the top rated mini jig saw by woodworkers & gourd artists alike. When used with the 5 amp transformer it has more than enough power to carve even the thickest gourd & wood.

PX38530 Proxxon Super Jig Saw SS 115/E is a great choice if you want the benefit of a built in transformer. It's a great saw & plugs directly into your household outlet. It comes with a flat base plate but does have a round base plate which is great for working on gourds. This is still made in Germany.

The Gourd Saw made for The Caning Shop is slightly bigger than the Microlux but smaller & more light weight than the Proxxon. It uses the same blades as the Proxxon so you have more versatility than the Microlux mini saws because the GourdComparison of gourd saw, Proxxon mini jig saw and Microlux. Saw will cut through thicker gourds. This Gourd Saw is perfect for almost any project but because the blades are thicker it will not do as good a job on fine detail work like the Microlux. The Gourd Saw is made in China.

Micro-Make/Microlux mini saws are ideal for doing filigree & other fine cutting that you can't easily do with the Proxxon & the Gourd Saw. They are considered light duty saws & NOT appropriate for general cutting on thicker gourds. It is made specifically for work on thinner gourds & wood. The blades are smaller & finer than those used on the Proxxon.  Microlux Gourd Cross Cut Saw & the Microlux Jig/Scroll Saw are the greatest mini (I call them "Skinny Minnie" because they are so small & lightweight) saw to use for very fine detail work. These saws are not intended to cut thicker gourds. These are both made in Germany for Micro-Mark, the exclusive distributor.

Comparison of Mini Jigsaws & Blades

The Microlux is considered a light duty jig saw; the Gourd Saw which is slightly larger than theComparison of Proxxon mini jig saw and Microlux gourd saw. Microlux is considered medium duty jig saw; The Proxxon is a heavy-duty jig saw & will cut through thicker wood & gourds. Like the saw, the blades for the Microlux are considerably smaller (as seen in the photo on the right) than the blades used by the Proxxon & the Gourd Saw. The Microlux blades are NOT intended to cut through thicker gourds or wood.  

The photo on the right shows you the differences in size of the Proxxon & Microlux mini jig saws. As you can see the Proxxon is not only a heavy-duty saw, it is also larger & heavier. The Microlux is the smallest & lightest of the three but also takes a much smaller blade than the Proxxon & the Gourd Saw. The Minicraft is a comparable size to the Proxxon. The Gourd Saw is in between the Proxxon/Minicraft & the Microlux but it takes the same blades as the Proxxon/Minicraft

The Microlux is suitable for work on thin wood, gourds & other materials with a max. cutting thickness of 9/32 inches. The blades are shorter than those for the Proxxon & Gourd Saw & thinner making it more maneuverable for very fine detail cuts that cannot be achieved by the larger Proxxon blades making this an ideal saw for very fine detail work you cannot achieve with the larger saws/blades.

The Proxxon & Gourd Saws are suitable for cutting wood up to 10 mm (3/8"), non-ferrous metals up to 2.5 mm (3/32"), sheet metal up to 3.0 mm (1/8"). The blades for the Proxxon, Minicraft & the Gourd Saw areComparison of Micrlux blades and blades that fit Proxxon, Gourd saw and Minicraft. interchangeable, thicker & more durable than the blades intended for use with Microlux saws.

The photo on the left is a comparison of the Saw blades used with the Proxxon, Minicraft & Gourd Saw (the blade shown on the top). The bottom two photos are the blades used with the Microlux Gourd/Cross cut saw & Jig/Scroll Saw. The bottom photo is the diamond grinding blade.

As you can see from the photo the Microlux blades are considerably smaller & more "delicate" by comparison to the Proxxon/Minicraft blade & they will not work on the Proxxon, Minicraft or Gourd Saw. While the Microlux diamond grinding blade is sturdier than the regular Microlux blades it is still too small & delicate to work on the other saws.

Microlux blades WILL NOT fit on Proxxon, Minicraft or Gourd Saw products.

Using a Proxxon Transformer with the Gourd Saw or Microlux Tools

It is not uncommon for the receptacle holes of a new Proxxon transformer (or new Microlux tool prongs) to be very stiff for plugging in a Gourd Saw or  Microlux tools. The Gourd Saw & Microlux actually uses the same specification plug as the Proxxon tools, but obviously from different manufacturers.

The best way I have found to "break in" the receptacles to smoothly accept the plug is to place a drop of oil, such as 3-in-one oil, into the holes & work the plug in & out several times. It may at first take a good amount of pressure & some wiggling around to make the initial connection but the receptacle will significantly loosen up right away.

Tips for Using Mini Saws

I learned the hard way with a scroll saw never to rush or you will go through a lot of blades & boy did I!  If you have not used a mini saw before use the same principle. If you follow the tips below you will minimize the number of broken blades you will have.

  • Don't rush & you won't break as many blades.
  •  The key is to let the saw do the work & don't force it.
  • Don't start turning the blade until the blade is inserted in the gourd, wood or other material.
  • Make sure you have the base plate pressed firmly against the surface before you begin cutting. This will also help prevent breakage.

Minicraft, Micro-Make/Microlux Mini Saws & The Gourd Saw

I have discontinued the sale of Micro-Make/Microlux mini saws & blades as well as the Gourd Saw.

The blades shown at the bottom of the page will fit the Gourd Saw & Minicraft Jig Saws.

The Minicraft company has been sold & the Minicraft Jig Saw will no longer be made. If you own one the saw blades are still available for them & can be found at the bottom of the page.

Proxxon Jig Saw Kits & Super Saw Available On Our website


Proxxon's Limited Warranty - All Proxxon consumer power tools will be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of Two Years from the date of purchase. Defective tools are to be returned to The General Store for replacement or repair. Please refer to my warranty page for information regarding warranty claims. This Limited Warranty does not apply to accessory items such as circular saw blades, drill bits, Jig Saw blades, router bits, sanding discs, grinding wheels & other related items. Damage to the product resulting from tampering, accident, abuse, negligence, unauthorized repairs or alterations, unapproved attachments or other causes unrelated to problems with material or workmanship are not covered by this warranty.

Item Description Order
Proxxon Jigsaw Kit PX27503.


Proxxon Jigsaw Kit PX27503.

#27503 Proxxon Deluxe Jig Saw Kit - 5 amp Transformer




  • 28534 Proxxon Jig Saw STS 12/E - kit comes with two blades (1 fine & 1 coarse)
  • Ball Shoe Attachment  (great for working on gourds)
  • Owners manual
  • 38704 HD Transformer NG 5/E
  • 38700 Footswitch
  • 2 Packs of Extra Jig Saw Blades - Coarse & Fine

Features: Same features as above except it contains the NG 5/E transformer. It provides more power & is the best option for working on thick gourd shells, wood & hard wood.


OUR PRICE: $185.00 - PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING within the Continental USA


Blades for Proxxon, Minicraft & Gourd Saw Available On Our website

NOTE: These are replacement blades for the Proxxon, Minicraft & The Gourd Saw. The will fit and work on all of these brands of mini saws. They will not fit the Microlux brand of mini saws.

Please see the photo above to see how these blades compared to the Microlux blades

Best Prices....Compare our prices to the prices for these blades on Amazon!

NOTICE: Mini Saw Blades are being discontinued.

Sale Prices are in effect while current stock lasts.

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Proxxon Coarse blades.

Proxxon Coarse blades.

PX28054 - Proxxon Coarse Blades

(Pkg. of 2)

Standard Steel Blade for Proxxon Jig Saw. For cutting hard & soft wood, fiberglass-reinforced materials & various soft plastics (These blades are not recommended for cutting metal). Teeth are alternately set & sharpened. Pitch: 1/16 inch. Thickness 1/64 inch. Length: 2-1/4 inch. Package of 2 blades.  These are interchangeable with the Proxxon, Minicraft & the Gourd Saw brands.

MSRP: 6.25



Minicraft and Proxxon blades.  

PXMB1751 - Minicraft Fine Blades

(Pkg. of 3)

MB1751 Jig Saw Blades for gourds & metals.  These are equivalent to the Proxxon fine.

These are interchangeable with the Proxxon, Minicraft & the Gourd Saw brands.

MSRP: $6.50