GourdSupply Products Acrylic Pigment Ink for Gourd Art, Embossing, Stamping and Other Crafts

GourdSupply Products Pigment Ink (aka Memories™) are water-based and ideal for gourds, wood, stamping, and other crafts

The new GourdSupply Products Acrylic Pigment Ink (aka Memories™ Acrylic Pigment Inks) come in plastic 1/2 oz. re-inker bottles & in starter kits only available from us.

these inks are manufactured by Stewart Superior, the same company that manufactures the Gourd Dye Inks (ask Gourd Ink Dye)

About GourdSupply Products Acrylic Pigment Inks

Our  Acrylic Pigment Ink are great for embossing and this ink is a crafting pigment ink. This means it will work on wood, fabrics, gourds, leather and many other surfaces.

The  Acrylic Pigment ink will dry on paper without heating but I recommend to heat-set on surfaces like wood, fabrics and non-porous surfaces. You can also heat-set if you want it to dry fast.

The colors are more vivid & bolder than the Dye Inks. When I was testing them I found they had more working time, they flowed nicely on most surfaces & performed much like using acrylic paint.

Just think of combining the best of 2 worlds...Dye Ink & Acrylic Paint together in one bottle. The colors won't bleed & you can apply them with just about any applicator, brush or cloth (I even used a napkin) & the colors are so rich & vibrant without bleeding.

Pigment Ink Properties

  • Acid Free, archival and fade resistant
  • Waterproof for use with watercolors & markers
  • Rich, vibrant colors
  • The pigment carrier helps to block the dark tones of gourd shells, darker woods & other darker surfaces so the Pigment ink colors will show up better when they are applied to darker surfaces than alcohol or dye inks will
  • These are more opaque than Dye Inks but can be thinned with other mediums such as Nedra's Special Formula to make them more translucent
  • Dries permanently and quickly on most papers
  • Embosses detailed images with remarkable detail
  • Available in 1/2 oz. re-inkers
  • Permanent on fabrics, wood, clay, and porous surfaces after heat-setting
  • More versatile than dye & alcohol inks because they work on more surfaces and are multi-purpose
  • Water based ink but thicker than the Alcohol & Dye Inks
  • Clean your brushes & hands with soap & water

Using the GourdSupply Products Acrylic Pigment Inks

  • You can apply GourdSupply Products Acrylic Pigment ink with a wide variety of applicators including all the applicators found on our website on the Applicator & Brush page. For larger areas I recommend using the cotton rounds. You can also apply them with foam wedges, seal in a zip lock bag & re-use. For smaller areas & for fine detail I recommend the special cotton-tipped applicators & Taklon micro detail brushes. All of the applicators, brushes I sell can be used with the Pigment Ink & can be found in my applicator's & brushes shop. You can also apply the Pigment Ink with paint brushes suitable for applying Acrylic paint.
  • You get the best of 2 worlds...Dye Ink & Acrylic Paint. You can apply the Acrylic Pigment Inks as you do with the Dye Inks or paint it on like you do with Acrylic paint.
  • These inks are blendable so you create your own custom colors which makes them more versatile than alcohol & leather inks.
  • When working on surfaces such as paper & wood I recommend blending them in a plastic palette or storage container then applying it to the surface of your work.
  • When working on gourds you can blend them easily right on the surface of the gourd or you can mix them in a palette & then apply it to the surface of the gourd.
  • The manufacturer does not recommend blending the Acrylic Pigment Inks with the Dye Inks but I suggest experimenting on scrap pieces of a gourd, wood or other surfaces before using them on a good project.
  • It is not recommended to mix water-based inks such as Dye Inks & Acrylic Pigment Inks with alcohol based inks.
  • Want to thin the ink try adding some Nedra's Special Formula with the ink

Suggestion: If the bottle tip gets clogged just use a long straight pin to clear the clog

Dye Ink in 1/2 (.5) oz. Bottles

GourdSupply Products

Acrylic Pigment Ink

1/2 oz. re-inker bottles & starter kits

Acid free, fade resistant

Gourd Supply Products aka Memories Dye Inks.GourdSupply Products Acrylic Pigment Ink (also known as Memories™ Pigment Ink) - premium, permanent, all-surfaces ink. Unlike alcohol-based inks, they are water-based, non-toxic, semi-opaque, fade-resistant & will not streak or dry too quickly. They are made using pigment as the main carrier of color.

For more intense color you can heat set the color & then go over it again with the ink. They are easy to blend so you can make your own custom colors. You can use most any applicators such as a sponge, cotton tipped applicators, Taklon micro detail, Fine Line Fiber or tapered brushes Microbrushes. Pigment Ink Color Samples on Bristol Paper.

Check out all the applicators & brushes. These inks can be used on leather, gourds, paper, clay & a variety of other surfaces. They can be used to cover the entire surface of the gourd or used for accents. The sky's the limit, so just use your imagination. If you are using ink pads, a light sprits with water will refresh the inkpads. We sell a lot of dye ink so our inventory is always fresh when you receive it.

The photo on the top right shows the colors as they appear on white Bristol paper. Colors will vary slightly depending on the surface you are working on. These samples are just to give Pigment Inks on Plywood.you an idea of how vivid the colors are. They may not be actual colors I carry. Please refer to the color swatches below the for actual colors I stock.

The photo on the bottom right shows the same colors as they appear on plywood. There really is not much difference in the appearance but the colors are slightly brighter when applied on a white background.

I experimented with these using a variety of applicators: cotton tipped applicators, cotton rounds & a napkin (just to see what would happen & it went on very smooth), Taklon brushes, Fine Line Fiber & Microbrush & they worked well with all of them. The samples above were all done with a flat cotton tipped applicator.

I did try these on a gourd but the only gourd scraps I had on hand had a very dark skin so the colors did not show up as well. On lighter skinned gourds the colors will show up richer & more vibrant than the ink dyes...more like an acrylic paint would show up on the gourd shell.

ASTM D-4236 Approved




These photos were taken by me, Nedra Denison, of actual color swatches done on Bristol paper. These photos my not be copied, or in any way be altered without written permission.

Color swatches are approximations. Actual color may vary depending on the surface you are using them on. The GourdSupply Products Acrylic Pigment Inks are more opaque than the dye inks but the colors may vary slightly depending on the surface you are applying them to. When applying them on surfaces such as gourds the actual color of the ink may look different than the samples here.




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The swatches shown below are done on Bristol paper  

Pigment Ink Denim.


This is a beautiful mid-range Denim Blue



Pigment Ink Unicorn.

Unicorn (White)