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Free Gourd and Pyrography Tutorials and Step By Step Projects by Nedra Denison

Free Tutorials....are you Crazy! Yes, just call me crazy but I've always felt that it was important to help people learn and my website is the best way to reach people.

I started my free online tutorials back in 2002 when I created this website and soon others followed in my footsteps with their own tutorials.

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this is a very important subject & one that deserves attention. Some people think that just because they aren't professional artists they don't need to be concerned. Well, you need to be aware of how this could impact you.

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About My Tutorials

My first tutorial was Pyrography 101 which was started back in 2002 when I launched this website and like my first book, it was a compilation of hand-outs I gave out in my classes as a means of giving people something to have at home and keep as a reference as they began their journey. After getting so many requests from people for information on wood burning I decided it was a great way to reach people who could not attend my classes and so I started putting all that information on my website as a tutorial. As my hand-outs grew so did these tutorials. The first tutorial has now expanded into more than a dozen separate tutorials including some step-by-step works in progress.

My pyrography tutorials were the first free online tutorials offered to people to provide an opportunity to learn in the comfort of their own home. While they are not as comprehensive as my books they do provide a lot of information and a good starting place for people just getting into pyrography. 

Some people said I was crazy giving away all this free information. Of course those were the people who were trying to make a living teaching but most everyone else was thrilled at having access to all this free information at their fingertips. A fellow in our woodcarving club, who also teaches, said to me "why on earth would people buy your book if you give away all this free information on your site". My response to him was that I do it because I love wood burning and want to share my passion with others. My goal has always been to help people learn as much as possible about wood burning any way I can. I knew that not everyone could attend my classes and I want people to have the opportunity to learn and give them access to as much information as possible to help get them started. I guess I'm not so crazy because now many others have started offering free online tutorials. The best part of these tutorials is that I can update them anytime which is something that can't be done once a book is published. So, as something comes to mind that I have not included in these tutorials already I update these tutorials giving you the best up-to-date information possible.

These tutorials will provide people with opportunities to learn more about pyrography, including techniques, safety precautions, wood selection and preparation, wood burning pens and their uses and more. I will also include some works in progress to help you visualize how I begin and progress through a project.

Some of the information in these tutorials are in my books but the books are more like taking my hands-on class with step-by-step instructions that are not available in the tutorials. Here's just some of the information you will find in the tutorials.

My latest tutorials are geared towards gourders. My first gourd tutorial entitled Gourd Pyrography Safety was geared toward safety as it relates to working on gourds. Working with gourds can be hazardous to your health and some techniques people are teaching are even more hazardous. My philosophy is that safety is far more important than finding a quick solution for putting a pattern on the gourd. My goal was to inform people of the safety hazards and hope that they will not opt for the easy way out and use safe techniques when burning on gourds.

As time permits I will be adding more gourd tutorials here and on my new blog. Please come back often and check out all the tutorials.

My Gourd crafts tutorial is a general tutorial give you some basics on using dye inks, paints, glazes and finishes commonly used on gourds and how to use them. It contains information on Memories dye inks, Lumiere paints, embossing powders and other mediums. Included are techniques, how to apply and other techniques. 

The advantage of having online tutorials is that I can update them as often as I need to as new products come out and new information is available.

I hope you enjoy these tutorials and find them useful.

Happy Gourding©!

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