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It's not every day that I get a compliment but when I do it puts a smile on my face that makes the day brighter. As much as you appreciate me I truly want to thank each & every one of you. Without you I certainly wouldn't be here after all these years...........  It warms my heart when I get messages like some of the messages below & thank you for making my day!  Nedra

NOTE: Below are unsolicited comments received from real customers. All comments are used, unedited, with their permission. Most recent are at the top

Updated 2/3/18

Unsolicited Testimonials From REAL Customers & Website Visitors

"Nedra, I just could not be more delighted. The shipment arrived on Friday. I had been visiting with my friend and elder teacher, Lupe Lighting Turtle Molina. She introduced me to gourds and “soft vision” many years ago. Little did I know that it would be a therapy that would pull me through some very dark times.

Until now, I have had to struggle with a simple wood burner from the hardware store. My grip is not what it used to be … well, you know the story.

Bless you for all your good help, and for the information that you have posted on your website. I am excited to begin.

Thank you for guiding me in the right direction with my purchase. You not only saved me some expense, you also ensured my trust for continued purchases.

It is so rare, these days, to find retailers who put their customers welfare ahead of their profit.
Thank you", Gloria Case, Joshua Tree, CA

"Thanks so much for calling me to verify the rest of my info after the typo!!! Very good detective work on the phone number!!!

Wow! Absolutely love your website!! I confess, I read parts of it everyday, before I get up and around, to try and soak up all the wisdom you have generously share, particularly with us new-be's.

Also by the way, the layout of the pages is wonderful! Navigation is so easy especially with so much information.

Thanks again for the call. I can't wait for my stuff!!! I hope I get to chat with you along the way."

Godspeed, Tammy Carter

"Thank you SO MUCH, NEDRA! This is why I ordered from YOU! It was clear from all the info. you provided on your website that your care & attention to detail perfectly suited customer needs.

MUCH OBLIGED!! Anxiously awaiting arrival of my new pyrography system & all of the great opportunities it will provide. So grateful for your authentic, down-to-earth approach. You da MAAM!" Rosemary Marr, Frederick, MD

"By the way, I would like to thank you very much for all the detailed information that you have put on your website about how to choose burners and pens for gourd art.  I just started doing gourd art in August and was finding it veryhard to decide which tools would be best to use until I read all of your very helpful pages comparing various types of tools and giving useful technical information.  Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for your customers.  Your website has more useful information than any other site I have seen so far and it helped me a lot when researching what I needed to buy to replace my little hobby burner.  I will recommend your site to others in our class." Cheers, Bev Norman, McMinnville, OR

"Dear Nedra, I just received my order my Razertip SS-D10 and my starter pack today. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the secure packing and prompt delivery. It was nice to see that you took the time to make sure the package was secure.

I am new to Pyrography I have been using the Walnut Hallow burner and found it was awkward and hard for me to control. I have been researching online to purchase a quality burner. When I discovered your site I was so grateful for all the detailed information you provide. It was a tremendous help to me since I am brand new to wood burning. (Literally I am working on my 3rd project, so brand new, lol) I decided to make the investment and purchase the unit. I found several different places that sold burners but I feel you had the best products and the best prices for all that is included in your starter packs.

I assure you that any further purchases I make will be with you. I just want to thank you again for all the information you provide on your site and the quality products you have available. Sincerely,"

Monica Hendricks, Casa Grande, AZ

"Nedra: First off - Repeat customer.......
Thank you for what is certainly the BEST pyrography site out /> Scads of information - Best prices available on Razertip - Facebook Page........
If one is looking into pyrography one is best to be a looking @ Sawdust Connection.
Thank you again." David Helling, Newberg, OR

"Hi Nedra, I received the box today while I was out. I left a signed note for FedEx per their instructions. Timing is perfect. We are leaving tomorrow morning to go to the Reno Air Races. I hope to have lots of time to read up on the different items. Thanks for the great packing job. All got here in perfect shape. Thank you & by the way for the refund. It wasn't necessary but I appreciate it. I will have to spend it on more stuff. I need to look at the feathers so that I can get some before you sell out. Have a great week, I know I will thanks to you." strong>Lori Moore, Kerrville, TX

"OMG! What a difference having the best tools makes (NOTE: Doree is referring to the new Razertip Dual Output burner & starter kit she just purchased vs the craft burner she was using). I just use a very light touch and let the tip do all the work for me. I can control the line direction so easily. I was a bit concerned about the cost, but this is so much better that I would have paid even more to get these results. Thank you so much for making these available and for all the info on your site that took away the confusion about what I needed." Doree Stone, Flagstaff, AZ

"Thank you. I must say, I've been going through you for years for all my burning supplies and I wanted to tell you that the reason I have is because you go above and beyond in the customer service department; it's like we're more than just customers. I thank you for that.
You are awesome." Jennifer Kramp, Oklahoma City, OK

"Hi Nedra, I want to thank you for the speedy shipping, and assistance with putting together the order.
It arrived yesterday, and I am anxious to start working with it today. Your experience with the craft, patience with a newbie, and care for your customers needs, has earned you a customer for life. It's reassuring to know that I have a knowledgeable person and informational website to answer questions, as I begin this journey. And a resource for tools and supplies to get me there." Thanks again, Bob Bernier, Running Springs, CA

"I received my wood burner this last weekend. Was able to give it a try last night. I absolutely love it! Thank you again for your assistance in helping me find what I needed it." Thanks, Nicole Muhl, MN

"Thank You so much for answering my e-mails and now letting me know it has shipped. You have been amazing! I can't say how much it means to me. I also appreciate good customer service and you have given the best I have received in a very long time. You are number 1 in my book. Thank You again from the bottom of my heart." Audrey Pierce, Panama City, FL

"I really appreciate your extra effort to get orders out during this busy season. That shows above and beyond customer service! My daughter will really appreciate it as well. This is an early Christmas present for her so that she can make presents for others. My daughter is VERY excited! Thanks for the awesome service. I'm sure we'll be back for more when she decides that she needs more pens or other supplies." Best Regards, Jeff Hahne, Chiloquin, OR

"It has always been nice ordering from you because I know I can depend on you to get the right thing shipped in record time.  I certainly appreciate that!  And let me take this opportunity to thank you for all the wonderful advice you have posted on your website.  You don’t know how many times I have relied on your expertise to help me make decisions or to do things right!  Your information and experience has been invaluable to me, and I’m sure to many others as well!" - Best Wishes, Carolyn Whittenburg, Portland, TN

"Dear Nedra - just a note to say thank you for your tutorial on safety! I got into gourd art in Nov. 2010 and loved it! Unfortunately, no one told me about safety precautions. A year later, I drove myself to the ER when I couldn't catch my breath. I was admitted to the hospital immediately, but was unaware since I'd already passed out. My oxygen level was so low, vital organs (lungs, heart and kidneys) were shutting down. I was in the hospital 2 weeks (10 days spent in ICCU). I was also diagnosed with COPD. It wasn't until later that I discovered all the precautions I SHOULD have been taking. My lungs are in much better shape but it was a hard lesson to learn. I do most of my work outside now and ALWAYS wear a mask. I wondered about it when another site is selling plastic "Stick & Burn" sheets to use to burn the artwork into the gourds. I thought about you. As much as I'd like to find an easy out, it just isn't worth it. Thank you so much! I wish I'd seen your site when I first started. I don't shop much at the other site any more. Thank you again. Sincerely", - L. Anderson, Louisville, KY

Follow-up message: I most certainly did not expect a personal reply from you! that's very sweet of you! Yes, of course you can use my email in any way you see fit if it will keep others from going through the mess I got myself into!

For the better portion of yesterday and today, I spent reading every one of your tutorials and then going through your products and doing some price comparisons. Based on what I found:
1) a sincere passion for your craft and QUALITY art work;
2) your very knowledgeable and well written tutorials which you gladly share with others;
3) your genuine concern for overall safety and concern for your customers;
4) your presentation of solid reasoning for your product recommendations (rather than the created "need" for the products);
5) and your pricing structure;

I have determined that I will undoubtedly return to your site for my purchases from now on." - L. Anderson, Louisville, KY

"Wow, I cannot tell you how amazed I was to find my order on my front porch yesterday. All I kept saying was 'wow' in amazement. That was the fastest & greatest service, I have ever had from anyone! Including all the big companies out there too! I was impressed just with the notification of receiving my payment & when shipping was going to occur. Thank you very much". - C. Simpson, Oswego, IL

"Thanks so much for answering my questions & sending out the wood burning tool so quickly! The package arrived on Saturday, just a few days after I placed my order. I spent the majority of my weekend trying out the new tool. It's so much better than a handheld craft burner; easier to control, lighter weight, & more stable on my work space. I just wanted to send you a rave review & thank you again for your help. When I need supplies again, I'll definitely be ordering through your site". - A. Champlain, Minneapolis, MN

"First, I got you - Nedra - on the phone. How about that for public relations!? Then you took time out to find out what type of work I did & suggested #HD5MSP medium small bent spear shader (since I like to work with fine detail). But I couldn't help but think, will it stand up to my expectations? I thought of the most detailed design I could think of, & when the pen arrived I put it to work. WOW! Was I blown away! It fit so nice in my hand & quickly I noticed how there is no such thing as hard a to reach place. Amazing! Plus, you can shade with it! This pen is perfect & everyone should have one. I found the only limitations left are those in my imagination -- but I'm working on that.  You turned me from just being a fan to a faithful customer". Happily - A. Hernandez, Wichita, KS

"Nedra I truly thank you for going the extra mile for me, the special treatment means more than you know. Customer service was the main reason I chose you to purchase 'all' my products from. Being a rookie at gourd work I needed someone who could clarify all my questions & stand behind their products & you have done both." - T. Sonneman, Haxton, CO

"WOW! that's about all I can say about you & your customer service. I've been a faithful customer for several years & recently ordered from you while you were on the road traveling. I can't believe that my order was processed & shipped so quickly. I knew you were on the road traveling so I expected to have to wait a few days longer than usual but I got the tracking information the next day & my order arrived just as fast as you normally ship. So, all I can say is WOW, thanks for the great service.  I've placed orders with other companies & have never gotten the quality of service I get from you whether you are in the office or on the road".  L. Anderson, Fort Worth, TX

"Dear Nedra: I just wanted to take a second & let you know how surprised I was to receive my order so quickly! I placed it over the weekend, at it arrived on my doorstep on Wednesday. (Now, I don't know HOW or WHY I ordered two of the gold dye inks on sale, but frankly I'll use all of it because I have a gypsy in my soul.) I was very impressed by how neatly & logically you had organized my order within the package, & despite the length of the order, the shipment was complete & perfect. I have dealt with vendors who could not get an order of 1 item right, let alone as many as I had ordered from you. I am also extremely satisfied that the products I ordered which met their descriptions exactly. I was not surprised by a thing. How rare is THAT in this day & age? Suffice it to say that I will visit your website first whenever I need to order something for my gourding. I have this theory that since I complain appropriately if I encounter poor service, I also then have the responsibility to give praise when service is exceptional. You gave me exceptional service. One more thing, you've got a first rate website. Very user friendly. With sincere thanks & best wishes for continued success" - C. Campbell, Annapolis, MD

"Hi Nedra, as you probably know this is/was my first order from you & hoped that your statement was true about refunding any overcharges for mailing. I am really impressed with your honesty & policies. I know that recently I ordered 1 Razertip pen from another supplier & was charged $7.50 for an 88 cent mailing & $1.00 manila envelope. Thanks again" - J. Cole, SW Missouri

"I got the package today. Everything looks wonderful!  I can't wait for him to open it. Thank you SO much for the gift.  In all my switching & ordering I completely missed getting that. That was incredibly generous of you. I do sincerely appreciate your customer service. You were infinitely patient with a "newbie" to these products & even more so with all the PayPal craziness! & my husband absolutely LOVED it! Even more than I was anticipating! He said he's always wanted a woodburner, but never wanted to spend the money for himself. He was very impressed by how knowledgeable I was on it & I credited that ALL to you & your website! So thank you, thank you again!" - Jen Kraker, Columbia, MD

"Hi Nedra, I just wanted you to know that I got my package yesterday--I am so happy with it! That was some prompt attention which gets big points from me! I appreciate awesome customer service!!" - Shirley Berg, WA

"Hi Nedra, I wanted to let you know that I received my gourd saw today & I cannot wait to use it.  Also, thanks again for including the red dye in the box along with the cotton swabs! That was so sweet of you! I appreciate you & the way you do business & I am looking forward to ordering from you again. Happy Gourding & Wood burning!" - Carrie Cervantes, MI)

"Hi Nedra, I received notification from Pay Pal that my order has shipped. Thank you for your excellent & speedy service. Additionally, thank you for the refund of the shipping & handling charge excess. I was not expecting that. I will drop you a note when the merchandise arrives. Thanks for making my first buying experience with you a very pleasant one." - Linda Olivarez, TX

"I just wanted to relate to all the SURPRISING, WONDERFUL, AMAZING, Customer Service experiences that I had with Nedra. I called to place an order, with expedited shipping. To my astonishment, Nedra herself answered the phone! Through our conversation, I realized with her help that I did not need to pay extra money for expedited service. She instructed me to just place my order online, so I did. Not 5 minutes after I had done so she called me! She had changed Glue brands & instead of arbitrarily substituting with the new brand, she called to ask if that was all right with me! Upon going through her Clearance stock, & realizing that she did not have an item I ordered she called me again! We are only talking about $4.00 in merchandise & she called me twice! This Lady goes well BEYOND basic Customer Service, which truth be told, I did not think existed anymore. Doing business with her was absolutely refreshing! I just wanted to say that lady ~ you know your Customer Service! It was MORE than a pleasure doing business with you. I will always, in the future order my supplies through Nedra. She is a rare jewel in the business world." - Dana Arvidson, TN (as posted on yahoo groups: PyrographicArt group & private email)

"Thanks for shipping my bread boards, I am looking forward to getting them. I am always pleased with everything I purchase from your store. It is so difficult to find boards in my local area that are good for burning as most of them have blemishes etc. Everything I get from you has been great. Your things usually arrive so quickly that it is a pleasure to order from you & I enjoy your site very much as I am self taught & your work & information has been very helpful to me." Elizabeth Matthews, SC

"Thank you so much!!!! Has anyone told you today how fabulous you are? You have truly impressed me with your thoughtfulness & just being genuine!!! I appreciate doing business with REAL people!!Thanks again!!" -  Michelle Pheneger, TN

"Well, after the deals that were done I want to show you how big is my gratitude for your gestures of help. Your fraternal gesture to help someone so far away, do not know your language or culture. I am eternally grateful. God bless you & your family. Now I have material, tools & information. Just depends on my dedication & discipline." - Jorge Luiz Santa, Formasa, Brazil

"Hi Nedra, I just wanted to thank you for all the help you provided. Your website is just awesome & you should be proud of every word that you have thoughtfully placed there. Thank you for providing such insightful information when we didn't have any knowledge of what to do! My daughter is so excited to receive the burner & try it out. We hope to continue working with you in the future." - Sab Takahashi

"I'm in love with the memory dye inks & generation green products. I just started working with gourds (my fiancé grows them) & the supplies she (Nedra) offers are absolutely phenomenal. I started out with just a few dyes & three translucent shimmer glazes & ended up ordering another $300 dollars worth of supplies! Her customer service is absolutely awesome, the shipping is fast & first rate, & her prices are the best around. I did a lot of searches on prices & I found that Sawdust Connection can't be beat.

I'm hooked & will remain a VERY VERY loyal customer. I can't imagine going anywhere else for my Gourd Art supplies! If you want top notch service & products, this is THE only place to go!" - Emily Peterson, Fyrebyrd Originals

"The quick & personalized service you offer is extremely rare in today's technology. I love my computer & my iPad but I get tired of conversing with machines. Thank You for calling to clarify my order & I want you to know how grateful I am for the speedy service. My lack of planning probably became your headache trying to get the order to me by Xmas. Thanks again" - Cindy Knight

"I ordered a gourd saw from Nedra Denison & Sawdust Connection. First of all, the information comparing the saws was so helpful letting me know which one to order. Second, Nedra has the best prices I could find on the internet! But once I picked the right saw & I paid through Pay Pal & there was a small glitch regarding the shipping costs that was Pay Pal's fault. Nedra communicated with me immediately & did everything necessary to fix the problem quickly. I've never had better communication from a vendor! Believe it or not, even with the glitch I had my gourd saw within five days! Amazing! I'll be back whenever I need more gourd supplies." - Caralee Woods, Utah

"Thank you very much for the very fast service, but thank you even more for your book that you put in my order" - Rich Kendall, MI

"Dear Nedra, I received your box today, which has to be the fastest I've ever experienced through the mail! Wonderful Service! Thought you would enjoy seeing the "end result" of these applicator cubes on a card I most recently made.  Thanks again" - Pauline Marrero, Waipahu, HI

Hello, I just spent the past 3 1/2 hours on your website & I would like to say thank you for being so informative. I am new to the world of woodburning world, & I am about to upgrade to a controllable machine. I was completely lost as I do not have any local resources I can go to for information. I have learned more on your site than I have been able to scouring the WWW the past several weeks. I will be ordering from you in the near future! Once again, I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your effort to educate folks on your skill." - J. Ward, Grand Junction, CO

"Your customer service is amazing. &, thank you for providing good products at great pricing. I will return. Customer service like yours is rare today." - Dave Daniel, IN

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help in deciding what tools & equipment to buy. I'm certain you saved me money & I have everything I need. You were so patient & answered all my numerous questions. It was a pleasure working with you & I look forward using again soon. You are the "connection" in!" - J. Patukas, Fox Chapel Publishing

"The gourd tools & inks just arrived! I am so impressed by your superb customer service. Thank you!" N. Paulson, Olympia WA

"Thank you so much for the follow up! Your first quick reply did indeed answer my questions.
Your website is so extensive & informative, I figured if it didn't say anything regarding left handed pens, it probably wasn't an issue. But I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask, & WOW was I impressed with the quick response - & then to get a follow up to be sure I was satisfied really blew me away!

I have read & re-read most of your website, & pick up another little tidbit every time I do. I placed the order for burner & starter kit this morning, & can hardly wait until it gets here. The one thing I've noticed while perusing the web on pyrography is that everyone is so encouraging to the new folks. That gives me the confidence to give it a whirl & have some fun. :-)

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge & helping me get started on the right track" - J. Ledsome, Gnadenhutten, OH

"Dear Nedra Denison, Thank you for completing and sending my order so fast. I also wish to thank you for being so honest regarding the shipping cost (you refunded me $10.00) which is something rare on the internet. I received my products in excellent condition and I am very glad to have found you online. Your prices are lower then any other organization I could find online and I will find a way to need other items from you in the future. May God bless every aspect of your business and your work.
Sincerely", Steven B. Ruffin, Succasunna, New Jersey

"Dear Ms. Denison, I'm a little late but I wanted to say thank you for getting my order in the mail so quickly! Received it before Christmas and was able to put it under the tree! Unexpected, since I placed my order on the 18th of December! Also, thank you for the pyrography magazine, I didn't expect that either! Prior to the "big" purchase, I really appreciate all your help in guiding my selection of the right burning system. Love it! Anyhow, hope you had a happy holiday season and a great new year! Many thanks and best wishes" - Susan M. of Central Maine

"My first Razertip SK and starter kit came in today. You're absolutely right - your customer service is really awesome! I cant wait to work on my first pyrography project!!!
Thanks" - Henry Edquid - Guam

"Hi Nedra, Thank you very much for your help with the purchase of my Razertip burner. I received it in the mail today and already completed one project. While it is going to take some getting used to with the temperature control and the different tips, I already like it much better than my craft burner. Customer service was the best I have received. Thank you very much for your time and speedy response to all my emails! Thanks again" - K. Soulia, New York

"I just wanted to say thank you. I am a middle school Design and Engineering teacher. Our final unit involves woodworking which includes pyrography. Your website has been a main source of information for my students. They are so excited to try new things - you have helped give them a vision and a dream. Thank you." - Sandy Gady

"Dear Nedra,
Just a short note to thank you for my order that came so quickly and packed with such care. Everything was perfect. Its nice to know that there is a vender who cares about her customers." - Constance Pedini, Frisco, TX