Art Gallery - Art by Customers and Former Students of Nedra Denison, Owner of Sawdust Connection

Art work submitted by my former students & customers using some of the products I sell

I always wonder what people do with the products they buy from me & what my former students have done since they learned how to burn. My customers are very diverse in the crafts they do. They are gourders, woodburners, wood carvers, wood turners, stampers, scrap bookers, etc. so it's always fascinating to see what they are using the products for.

Occasionally over the years customers have sent me photos of the art that they have done with the products they have bought from me & every now & then a former student shows me the work they have done since they learned how to woodburn. Until now I never I never thought about posting them on my website but I thought it might be nice to share what other people are doing with their products. I figure if they are proud enough of their work to share their work with me perhaps they might want to share it with the world...or at least the people who connect with my website. I hope you enjoy viewing their art as much as I do. My goal is that perhaps the willingness of these artists to share their work will provide budding artists with some inspiration.

I will be asking everyone who sends me photos of their work to tell me what products they used, how they liked them & any other helpful comments that might help you discover how others are using these products. Their comments will be unbiased since they are not trying to sell you anything.

About the customer's & students listed On These Pages

Artists listed on these pages are customers &/or former students of mine but are not affiliated with Sawdust Connection. They are independent artists who are willing to share their artwork & perhaps inspire others with their work. These galleries are not intended as a store for you to buy art & the artists are not compensated in any way for their comments regarding any of the products they have used on their projects or discussed in their comments.

If an artist listed on these pages has interest in selling any of their work they have supplied their contact information so you may discuss this with them privately. I will not be involved in this nor am I compensated in any way if they sell any of their work as a result of it being posted in these galleries. My only compensation is the joy I receive in seeing the work done by these artists & sharing it with you.

About The Content, Artwork & Images On This Site

All images of artwork on this website are owned by the original artist &/or the owner of this website. They  may not be copied, reproduced or altered in any way without permission from the artist &/or owner of this website.

My only criteria for posting work here is that it be an original design or one that is not created based on someone else's work or photographs due to copyright & intellectual property laws.

Contacting the owner of this website

If you wish to contact the owner of this website & Sawdust Connection, Nedra Denison please use the contact page.

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