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The Classic Gourd Craft Books

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Gourds in Your Garden
By Ginger Summit

Whether you're a seasoned gardener enchanted with their lush vines and unusually shaped fruit or a crafter in search of the perfect gourd for a specific project, this easy-to-use primer takes the mystery out of growing gourds. Largely ignored by most gardening books, gourd plants require specific attention to produce healthy vines and satisfactory fruit. Learn how to:

  • Identify popular gourd shapes
  • Plan and cultivate your garden
  • Grow, train, and harvest a bountiful crop
  • Control pests and disease with natural remedies
  • Prepare your gourds for use-in recipes and art projects.

Lists of suppliers, a growing calendar, and space for notes on your own garden conditions make this the complete gourd sourcebook. A delight to read as well as a lasting reference, this long overdue guide to the adventures of growing one of Nature's greatest gifts is an essential addition to any gardener's library.

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Gourds in Your Garden: A Guidebook for the Home Gardener.

A Guide to Chip-Carving Gourds
by Marilyn Rehm

Love working with gourds, but hate all the dust? This new book offers an alternative technique. Step-by-step instructions, along with 176 color photographs, show how to chip and chisel a gourd into a decorative piece for the house or outside. Best of all, only basic, simple tools are needed; no electric cords, no noise, no dust. Create a stunning array of bowls, birdhouses, and ornaments. A gallery of 16 color photographs provides ideas for your own creations. Chip-carving on Gourds is a gentle, relaxing handcraft that any beginner or seasoned gourd crafter can learn and enjoy.

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A Guide to Chip Carving Gourds.

Chip-Carving Gourds: Advanced Techniques
by Marilyn Rehm

See what a gourd and a chisel can make and learn that chip-carving has never been so easy. The advanced techniques demonstrated builds on the skills learned in the author's first book, A Guide to Chip-Carving Gourds. Step-by-step guide, with 229 color photographs, demonstrates the many ways to decorate a gourd with only the simplest of tools -- no electric cords, no noise, no dust. 10 Projects feature bowls, birdhouses, jewelry, and ornaments. A gallery of color photographs provides ideas for your own creations. This is a relaxing handcraft that any beginner or seasoned gourd crafter can learn and enjoy.

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Chip Carving Gourds: Advanced Techniques.

Coiled Designs for Gourd Art
by Catherine Devine

Coiling is a basketry technique used as decoration in gourd art. Step-by-step coiling techniques, as well as pattern designs, help gourd enthusiasts use coiled waxed linen and colored thread to enhance their work. 196 color photos show how to trim a gourd bowl or vase and use the coiled threads to add color to your favorite gourds. A special chart will help crafters design their own coiling patterns. Beginners and advanced workers with gourds will be inspired by this book.

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Coiled Designs for Gourd Art.


Gourd Pyrography
By Jim Widess

Gourd pyrography is a fancy phrase for the folk art of using heat to carve and scorch gourds. These beautiful objects are found in Nigeria, Kenya, Mali, Ghana, Senegal, China, Peru, Mexico, New Guinea, and the South Pacific. Early methods, involving fire and burning coals, have been superseded by modern tools and solid-state wood-burning systems. Here, four artists walk us through several projects using basic techniques, applying butterfly, floral, and geometric designs to pear-shaped gourds. Another project features a frog among blades of grass, surrounded by a salamander border. With pyrography pen charts, a list of supply sources, and a stunning gallery of works by 50 artists, this work-the author's third on gourd craft-is recommended for large art instruction and craft collections.

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Gourd Pyrography by Jim Widess.


Holiday Fun: Painting Christmas Gourds
By Sammie Crawford

Create your own Christmas ornaments and decorations with these techniques for painting gourds. Learn step-by-step to do-it-yourself with tips for selecting the right gourd to paint and the right paint and brush to use. There are 138 color photographs for 11 projects show ornaments, including a Lifesaver Tree, a Nutcracker King, and a Peppermint Santa. The gallery of completed projects will inspire your own ideas for holiday decorating.

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Holiday Fun: Painting Christmas Gourds.


Beyond the Basics: Gourd Art - Paper
By David MacFarlane

A common wild gourd becomes a thing of beauty in the hands of 25 top artisans who specialize in exploring, expressing ”and teaching ”their handiwork. Magnificent projects shown in illuminating full-color photos and practical skills introduce you to a universe of ways to turn gourds into works of art. Learn to use simple media such as staining, stenciling, carving, and pyrography, which are all clearly explained. Projects include an elaborate teapot with a metallic finish; carved oak and maple leaf bowls; Path to Harmony gourd with mother of pearl, abalone, and turquoise inlay; carved gourd lamps; hand painted and decorated masks; gourd birdhouse with pyrographed Celtic design; lizard and broken pottery designs; and Baby's New Shoes with a carved, pyrographed, and painted finish.

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Beyond The Basics: Gourd Art.

Complete Book of Gourd Carving
By Jim Widess & Ginger Summit

Jim Widess and Ginger Summit, the best-selling authors of The Complete Book of Gourd Craft and Making Gourd Instruments, produce another winner to delight the many gourd crafters. Large, lavish, and astonishingly comprehensive, this breathtaking volume introduces every tool and technique, offers fabulous projects that advance in difficulty, and presents a gallery of works designed to inspire. See how to choose and prepare a gourd, impress the surface with a design, and work with green gourds. The magnificent methods of decorative carving covered include fretwork, engraving, chip carving, carving with gouges, relief carving, inlay, and deep relief or sculptural carving. Throughout, color photographs of exquisite carved gourds present crafts styles from countries around the world.

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Complete Book of Gourd Carving.


Complete Book of Gourd Craft
By Ginger Summit & Jim Widess

This is the best and most current book on gourd craft, covering curing and cleaning, finishes, paints and pigments, pyrography, basketry and more. Hundreds of color photos of contemporary and traditional work, with 22 step by step projects.

This book covers growing, harvesting, and curing as well as crafting and finishing...."The projects, are artistic and imaginative and cover all techniques of dealing with gourds". Library Journal. 

Lots of inspiring gourd crafting techniques and ideas ”I highly recommend The Complete Book of Gourd Craft...its 300 color photos... depict many...amazing things you can create...plenty of detailed information".  Organic Gardening.

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Complete Book of Gourd Craft.

Making Gourd Musical Instruments
By Ginger Summit & Jim Widess

Pluck them, bang them, shake them, and blow into them! These instruments ”from wood temple gongs to water drums and stamping tubes ”produce every type of joyful noise. Make a fun gourd orchestra of rattles, like a Mesoamerican Indian rain stick and African shekere; a Caribbean guiro; a gorgeous mbira or thumb piano; and friction drums that wail or roar. There are instruments from near and far, from the unusual to the familiar banjo and guitar. Tips on choosing, cleaning, and sealing a gourd, and decorating and playing the finished instrument, help to create beautiful music.

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Making Gourd Musical Instruments.

The Weekend Crafter: Gourd Crafts
By Ginger Summit

The projects incorporate a variety of fun techniques such as wood burning, carving, and coloring with paints. Craft great-looking bowls and cups, simple bracelets, elegant stamped and wood burned earrings, a charming duck-shaped birdhouse, complete with leather-webbed feet, and more. Bonus: a spectacular gallery of contemporary gourd art.

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Weekend Crafter: Gourd Crafts.

The Decorated Gourd: Beautiful Projects & New Techniques

By Dyan Mai Peterson

 Gourds are easily obtained and fun to work with, having an infinite variety of peculiar shapes that lend themselves to imaginative uses. Host's Gourd Crafts for the First Time is a book of basic techniques for cleaning, decorating, and preserving gourds, presented in a question-and-answer project format aimed at beginners. A gallery of works by the author and other artists provides ideas. Peterson's Decorated Gourd has more sophisticated projects involving pyrography (burning) and woven and beaded embellishments.

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The Decorated Gourd by Dyan Mai Peterson.

Glorious Gourd Decorating
By Mickey Baskett

Celebrate the marriage of nature and art with more than 30 incredible projects made from gourds. A fascinating introduction examines the use of gourds throughout history, and stunning photographs of pieces by contemporary artists will inspire you. Choose and prepare the gourds, gather necessary materials, and use a range of decorative techniques, including painting, wood burning, and basketry for beautiful effects.

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Glorius Gourd Decorating by Mickey Baskett.

Quick & Easy Gourd Crafts
By Mickey Baskett

With a simple gourd, it's easy to make an astonishing variety of bowls, boxes, baskets, pitchers, and dippers, as well as musical instruments and toys. Choose from the many inviting shapes, from the kettle to the canteen, the bushel basket to the snake. Carve, burn, wax, varnish, and color them with paints, dyes, oils, and markers to work their smooth, three-dimensional surfaces. Basic, time-tested techniques for making practical works of art show you how to grow, dry, and clean them, or where to buy gourds readymade for projects such as a child's elephant pull toy, planters, lamps, and birdhouses.

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Quick & Easy Gourd Crafts by Mickey Baskett.

Gourd Art Basics: The Complete Guide to Cleaning, Preparation, & Repair
By C. Angela Mohr

Author Angela Mohr demonstrates how to select and prepare gourds from the garden and demonstrates basic techniques for cleaning, shaping, and fixing gourds, which then can be decorated for everyday use, such as bowls and vases. This do-it-yourself how-to is perfect for any beginning gourd artisan to learn the finer points of a gourd, fix their common flaws and put the gourds to good use as accessories around the house.

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Gourd Art Basics: The Complete Guide to Cleaning, Preparation, & Repair.

Historic Gourd Craft: How to Make Traditional Vessels
By C. Angela Mohr

What did America's first inhabitants use for cooking and eating? What did the stranded characters of television's Gilligan's Island use to prepare and eat food? Taking her cue from these questions, author Angela Mohr demonstrates how to create authentic vessels by using gourds. A watering can, cooking utensils, and bowls are created in this step-by-step instruction book, as Mohr brings fun and authenticity to her gourds. Historical re-enactors will find inspiration there for their authentic life-style performances and drama students, the rights tools to pursue their craft.

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Historic Gourd Craft: How to Make Traditional Vessels.

Gourds with Southwestern Motifs: Rainsticks, Masks, Vessels & More
By Bonnie Gibson

Gourds make the perfect three-dimensional canvas. With their varied sizes and shapes, they are natures gift to the crafter, who can use a multitude of techniques to transform them into breathtaking pieces with Southwestern flavor. Cut them, carve them, paint them, inlay them with stone, or embellish them with leather, fur, feathers, and botanicals: the magnificent possibilities are all featured in this splendid guide, which covers all the crafting basics. Find out how to choose the right gourd (or grow your own); what safety procedures to follow; how to clean, cut, and smooth the gourd; and which tools and decorative materials to use. The 21 projects range from rattles and vessels to masks and rainsticks.

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Gourds with Southwestern Motifs: Rainsticks, Masks, Vessels & More.


Making Gourd Dolls & Spirit Figures
By Ginger Summit & Jim Widess

Dolls that dance, dolls that protect, dolls that charm: these beautiful gourd dolls do that and more. Ginger Summit and Jim Widess pay tribute to an ancient craft in a volume both inspirational and instructional. It's packed with images of dolls from different cultures and eras, filled with testimonials from the most creative artists working today, and brimming with irresistible projects. The authors explain how to choose a gourd, mold one as its growing, clean it properly and safely, sculpt faces, create movable joints, and make such creatures as a simple, limbless Stump Doll; beaded Zulu doll; endearing Hobgoblin; and stacked Mother and Daughter dolls.

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Making Gourd Dolls & Spirit Figures.


Gourd Puppets and Dolls
By Angela Mohr

These projects join two age-old skills: gourding and sewing. With simple techniques, you can combine gourds with a cloth body to make dolls or puppets to enjoy or give as gifts. In this Do-It-Yourself guide, you'll learn how to make: - a gourd rag doll - reversible dolls - marionettes - even bobble gourdheads! - And much, much more.

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Gourd Puppets and Dolls.


InLace Techniques: Resin Inlay for Gourd and Wood Crafts
By Betsey Sloan

This is the first comprehensive book written on the uses of InLace Liquid Inlay System for gourd artists and wood turners. Chapters present carving techniques in gourds, mixing resin, insetting, sanding, and polishing. Step-by-step directions that can be applied to any gourd and five projects from contributing artists are include, as well as three original designs for the crafter's use. The most common challenges working with resin inlay are addressed and ten gourd artisans and a wood turner share their experiences with this decorative inlay material. An extensive gallery of gourd and wood turned art will inspire readers to add personal touches to their projects. A resource list guides readers to suggested supplies.

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Inlace Techniques by Betsey Sloan.


Gourd Fun for Everyone
By Sammie Crawford

Get gourding with this beautiful project book on painting charming personalities on gourds. The author provides advice on preparing gourds and getting started, information on tools and materials, plus unique tips, hints and patterns. The eight step-by-step projects include: lighthouses and mermaids, bow-legged cowboys and farmers, chickens, cats, rabbits and frogs, egg ornaments and projects with holiday themes and much more.

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Gourd Fun for Everyone by Sammie Crawford.

New Gourd Art with Ink Dyes
By Maria Dellos

The amazing gourd artist from Gourd TV now has her own book to help you learn all you can about color. Outstanding book to help you explore decorating gourds using ink dyes. There are 52 page book full of step-by-step instructions, patterns and templates, product use and recipes and so much more.

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Gourd Art with Ink Dyes by Maria Dellos.

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