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These are the most recent gourd crafting books

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The Latest Gourd Craft Books

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Wax on Gourds: Decorative Techniques for Transforming Gourds & Rims

by Miriam Joy

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Gourds offer great surfaces to decorate, and this step-by-step book reveals the design boost you can give your gourd projects by using crayons as an economical source of wax. With over 340 detailed photos, in her popular how-to style Miriam Joy explains the inexpensive materials needed and the basic steps of the low-cost, high-impact wax design technique. Next are step-by-step instructions for four examples of creative wax-technique designs on gourds, plus four stunning rim treatments. By using these as your starting point, you can create unlimited gourd art works of your own―all featuring low-cost, high-impact wax design technique. Projects range from the "Midnight Fern" gourd with a crocheted beaded ruffle, to the colorful "Flowers in the Jungle" gourd with a simple shell rim, to the "Blue Horizons" gourd featuring a unique coiled Arrowhead Points rim. Plus, using wax, learn how to make faux stones to decorate any project.

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Wax on Gourds Book.

Gourds + Fiber: Embellishing Gourds with Basketry, Weaving, Stitching, Macrame & More: Embellishing Gourds with Basketry, Weaving, Stitching, Macrame & More

by Jim Widess & Ginger Summit

Published October 28, 2016

Two ancient practices, gourd decorating and the fiber arts, come together in this one of a kind book. Instructive and educational, Gourds + Fiber presents a fresh and exciting take on gourd decoration with techniques borrowed from the fiber arts like stitching, twining, coiling, plaiting, and lacing.

In addition to a thorough and engaging history of the relationship between gourds and fiber, this book includes 30 projects with clear step-by-step directions that walk you through the prep, design, and creation of beautiful gourds. Color photographs and diagrams illustrate each chapter, and creative uses of materials like pine needles, silk, leather, beads, and felt will inspire your own original designs. Accessible to beginners and full of possibilities for experienced weavers, basket makers, and gourd aficionados, Gourds + Fiber is not to be missed.

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Gourd + Fiber by Ginger Summit & Jim Widess. 

Creating Wall Pockets: 10 Gourd Projects to Paint and Hang

By Sammie Crawford

Published April 28, 2016

This gourd craft book helps you make 10 different wall pockets―gourds shaped to form useful, decorative storage on your indoor and outdoor walls. Featuring 125 full-color photos, it offers projects for beginners as well as more advanced painters. Patterns, color palettes, supply lists, and gourd preparation guidance are detailed for each project. Then, following Crawford's step-by-step directions, create 10 different wall pockets with themes including a realistic rabbit, a patriotic eagle, a cheerful candy jar, an intriguing petroglyph design, and more. Crawford’s latest how-to book is perfect for gourd crafters, painters, and crafters of any level. These wall pockets give a creative punch to your own décor, and make perfect gifts for family members and friends.

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Creating Wall Pockets.

Doodling Borders for Wood Burning, Gourds, & Drawing

by Bettie Lake

Patterns are so much a part of our lives that we often take them for granted. There are times when an artist working in any medium needs to create a pattern with specific complexity or form. This book takes you step-by-step through the process of drawing twenty-five patterns for wood burning and gourd decoration—with different variations and shading techniques—and applying and adapting the patterns with an easy drawing method. Learn how to improve your drawing skills while applying interest to the patterns as you use them in abstract compositions, create your own variations, and confidently enter your work in gourd or wood burning competitions. Also included are tips and suggestions for wood burning artists who are looking for something not found in typical woodcraft books. Beginning and master gourd artists will find inspiration for designs here, beyond the limited selection offered by clip art and transfers.

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Creative Rims for Gourd Art.

Creative Rims for Gourd Art Paperback
by Marianne Barnes

In gourd art, there is a vast array of material that can be used when carving and decorating a gourd. When it comes to doing the rim, the options are just as varied. The best rims are those that complement the gourd's overall design. The rim "completes" the gourd--it makes the gourd look finished. Through more than 200 color images and tutorials from contributing artists, learn how to finish the rims of gourd bowls using chip stone, tubular beading, paper, coiling, leather, wire, clay, pine needle, and flowers. The rims illustrated range from the very simple to the extremely elaborate. A gallery of completed works will inspire your own creative ideas. This book is perfect for gourd artists of all skill levels.

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Creative Rims for Gourd Art. 

Creative Embellishments for Gourd Art Paperback
by Marianne Barnes

Gourds are wonderful palettes for all types of art, with a vast array of materials available for everything from decorating crafty, cute gourds to making serious gourd art. Through 300 color images and tutorials from several contributing artists, see how embellishments can add variety to your gourd designs. Beads, metal, wire, clay, antlers, and other art materials are used to give character to a gourd mask, dress up a gourd doll, or add the final touch to gourd jewelry and holiday-themed gourd decorations. There is projects for all skill levels, whether you are new to gourds or a seasoned gourd artist. With patterns and a gallery of completed works, this is a fun book that will stimulate your creativity and inspire ideas for embellishing your own gourds.

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Creative Embellishments for Gourd Art.

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