Applicators, Brushes & Scoops - Applicators and Brushes for Ink, Medium, Paint and Powders carries a great variety of brushes and applicators to use with paint, inks, medium, powder and varnish

You will find everything from cotton-tipped applicators, Microbrushes, Taklon micro detail brushes, foam wedges, foam & felt applicator cubes & more.

These can all be used with the inks, paint, medium & varnish that I carry. Some of the applicators are available individually & some are also available in sets. Every one of these are tried & true. I personally use every one of these in my gourd art.

I know you will love them for your gourds & other crafts.

Please check our clearance center to check out more gourd & craft supplies & accessories.

Happy Gourding©!

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Applicators, Brushes & Little Dippers Scoops

check out all these great products that will work with all the inks I sell

Little Dippers:

These little scoops are very versatile. They are larger than the Mini Scoops making them more versatile. They are perfect for scooping Pearl Ex, beads, paint & so much more.

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Cotton Round Applicator Pads 100/Pk.

KT99000 - Cotton Round Pads

2 1/4 inch ~ 100/Pack

These pads are lint-free, won't leave & can be used for so many things. I have used them with dye inks, acrylic inks & metallic paint & I really like how they perform. They cover large areas a lot faster than brushes & other applicators.

  • As a handheld applicator you will get better control for even application

  • Great for applying alcohol, Dye & Acrylic Pigment inks as well as Nedra's Special Formula to gourds

  • Can be used for stamping and blending inks on craft project surfaces, paper and more

  • Works great to polish and clean, as well as for applying wax and protectants.

  • Cover large areas fast!

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Cotton Round Applicator Pads Testing on Gourds.
Cotton Round Applicator Pads Lumiere Paint on a Gourd.
Applicator Sampler Pack

Applicator Sampler Pack


Contains 14 Applicators


This is a great way to try a variety of very useful brushes & applicators.

What is Included in this sampler pack: Micro Detail Brush; Tapered Detail Brush; Cotton-tipped Applicators; Microbrush Fine.

PRICE: $3.00



Contains 20 Applicators


Same as above but also includes the Fine Line Fiber Applicators

PRICE: $5.00

Little Dippers Scoops for Wet or Dry Mediums.

#US1115 - Little Dippers

1 CC Capacity - 5 pack

Little plastic scoops sure to become an instant studio companion! The size of each scoop, makes them perfect for reaching into narrow containers & for portioning out wet or dry materials. Ideal for scooping out liquid paints as well as Embossing powders & Powdered Pigments. These are larger than the mini scoops making them more versatile. These are reusable & will last for years.

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Foam wedge applicators are great for applying ink, pain, varnish & other mediums.

#KT10024 Foam Wedge Applicators 24/pk

High-Density foam does not soak up paint, inks, varnish, etc. Provides a smooth application of medium. Wedge shape allows you to get into tight spots, covers large areas & is great for working on gourds because it contours to the shape of the gourd.

They are great for applying inks, dyes, paint, varnish & other mediums

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Microbrush set with 10 of each size.

#MBSET - Microbrush Set

Set of 30 Asst. (10 of Each Size)


Sizes: Regular, Fine & Superfine!

This is the original, patented unique design with a bendable neck that facilitates precise placement in difficult areas. Non-absorbent, non-linting fibers suspend solution as small as 1/8 of a drop. No dripping or spilling. Ideal for precise detail work. Use with ink, paints, adhesives, embossing powders, lubricants, solvents. They can be cleaned with a baby wipe, some solvents, soap & water for repeated use. They can be used for a wide variety of applications for gourd crafts, wood crafts, & just about any other craft that requires fine detail application of paint, varnish, etc.

This assortment will give you 10 of each size so you will have just the right size when you need it! These are ideal for all types of painting

MSRP: $6.85
Our Price: $5.95/Set of 30 (10 of each size)

Microbrush Sizes.

Microbrush Detail Brushes 100 pack size.

#MB25G - Microbrush

25 Pk - Regular (Green)

Regular size pack of 25 brushes

MSRP:  $5.70

Our Price: $4.95/25 pack


#MB100G Microbrush

 100 Pk - Regular (Green)


Same as above but large economy size

MSRP:  $15.95

Our Price: $11.50/100 pack


#MB25W Microbrush

25 Pk - Super Fine (White)

Super Fine size pack of 25 brushes

MSRP:  $5.70

Our Price: $4.95/25 pack


#MB100W Microbrush

100 Pk- Super Fine (White)


Same as above but Super Fine

MSRP: $15.95

Our Price: $11.50/100 pack


#MB25Y Microbrush

25 Pk - Fine (Yellow)

Fine size pack of 25 brushes

MSRP:  $5.70

Our Price: $4.95/25 pack


#MB100Y Microbrush

100 Pk - Fine (Yellow)


Same as above but Fine

MSRP: $15.95

Our Price: $11.50/100 pack

Fine Line Fiber Applicator.
Fine Line Fiber Applicator Demo.

#KT34001-10 Fine Line Fiber Applicators - 10 Pk


This fine liner fiber applicator tip is just what the doctor ordered for doing precise detail work.

It has a polyester fiber tip with a 3 1/2' long polystyrene handle. It works like a brush but the tip is more firm.

It is suitable for use with most mediums including alcohol, chalk, dye & acrylic based inks as well as paint.

They are reusable & can be cleaned with soap and water. Unlike bristle brushes these maintain their shape after washing & there's no chance of breaking the bristles because there aren't any.

MSRP: $2.90

Our Price: $2.60/10 pack


#KT34001-25 Fine Line Fiber Applicators - 25 Pk


Same as above but 25 pk

MSRP:  $7.25

Our Price: $6.50/25 pack


#KT34001-100 Fine Line Fiber Applicators - 100 Pk


Same as above but 100 count economy size

MSRP:  $26.00

Our Price: $22.00/100 pack


Taklon Brush Sampler Photo

The photo on the bottom left shows samples of both Taklon brush styles using the Acrylic Pigment inks on paper. The Micro Detail brush does the finest lines of any brush I've ever used. The Tapered brush does a great job of doing fine detail but it has a broader stroke

Taklon Micro Detail Brushes.
Taklon micro detail brush 100 pack.

Taklon Bristle Detail Brush Sampler.

#KT34002-10 Taklon Micro Detail Brushes - 10 Pk


Note: These are the brushes recommended by Pat Moore in all of her woodcarving classes!

These brushes have become the favorites of everybody for very fine detail work. It is the thinnest brush you will find allowing you to get into the tightest spots. You will absolutely love this brush & wonder how you ever got along without them.

These are very popular among gourd artists, woodcarvers & people who work on miniatures.

Thin Taklon Bristles with 3 1/3" long Polypropylene Handle

Price: $2.50/10 pack


#KT34002-25 Taklon Micro Detail Brushes - 25 Pk


Same as above but 25 pack

MSRP:  $7.00

Our Price: $5.00/25 pack


#KT34002-100 Taklon Micro Detail Brushes - 100 Pk


Note: These are the brushes recommended by Pat Moore in her woodcarving classes!

Same as above but 100 count economy size

MSRP: $25.00

Our Price: $16.00/100 pack

Cotton Tip Applicators Pack Pointed/Flat.

KT22205-20 Cotton Tip Applicator - 20 pack
 Pointed/Flat Tip

These are ideal for use with inks or paints. Use the pointed tip for fine work & the flat side for blending.

New, tighter pointed tip.

Material: Cotton Heads, Paper Handles
Packed: 20/bag

Price: $1.20/20 pack

Cotton Tip Applicators 100 Pack Pointed/Flat.

KT22205-100 Cotton Tip Applicator - 100 pack
Pointed/Flat Tip


Same as above
Packed: 100 Pieces/bag

MSRP: $7.50

Price: $5.00/100 pack