General Shipping Information, Charges and Shipping Outside the USA

Sawdust Connection's Shipping Information, How Shipping Charges are Calculated & Shipping Outside the USA

This is general information regarding the shipping & handling charges (& how they are calculated) & international shipping (outside the USA).

The information on this page was updated 3/9/17

General Shipping Information

It is my goal to ship orders within 1 business day of receipt but please keep in mind that Sawdust Connection is run by one person, me! There are times (especially during the Christmas Holidays) that orders are delayed in getting shipped due to the volume of orders going out. I do appreciate your patience. I will keep you informed if there is going to be any delay in getting your order out in a timely manner. My goal is to get your order out quickly & provide you with great customer service.

About The Shipping & Handling Charges & How They Are Calculated

The PayPal shopping cart is pretty basic. It uses a tierd system to calculate shipping & handling. The shipping charges are calculated upon checkout based on the total amount of your order.

It does not take into account many other variables that impact the shipping/handling charges such as:

  • If you have ordered small, lightweight items I will issue a partial refund or you might get a gift of equal or greater value than what the refund would have been.
  • The item you ordered is heavy & the shipping & handling came out to more than what you paid. I do not bill you for the excess.
  • There are some items where the price of the product includes shipping (It will not be included in the shipping calculation).
  • You live in a rural area or across the country & the shipping calculation is higher. I do not bill you for the excess.

While the shipping & handling charges might seem high to you they sometimes don't even cover the costs associated with processing your order. There are things I have to pay for in addition to the actual shipping cost such as shipping labels, packing materials, boxes, PayPal fees for credit card processing, etc. It is not my intent to make money on shipping & handling but I don't want to lose money & some times that does happen.

The only time you will be billed extra is if you failed to choose the correct shipping option & were not charged for shipping or you chose the wrong shipping option for where the order was to be shipped.

Shipping Methods I Use

I ship via FedEx, UPS & USPS. With the rising cost of shipping every year I try to use the most economical method for you.


Shipping outside the USA is challenging. Your package is insured if it is lost in transit each country points a finger & nobody will assume liability. So I am no longer shipping outside the USA.

Shipping Razertip products Outside the USA

Razertip products can be drop shipped if there is no Razertip dealer in your country. You can choose from any Razertip item on their website. Burner & Starter kit prices will vary depending on your voltage requirements but I do offer discounted prices. Razertip pens, tips & other Razertip accessories listed on my website would be the same price as listed on my website.

Please contact me directly & for a quote for the products & the shipping/handling.

Shipping Razertip Burners & Accessories Within the USA

Razertip burners & accessories ordered directly on my website will be shipped by me from the USA. If you are ordering a burner it will ship the cheapest method. A signature will be required for your protection. The burners/burner packages are still discounted but now have a small shipping charge included in the price. The Razertip carving & woodturning starter kits can be ordered on my website but will drop ship directly from the factory & they have a flat shipping fee that will be added at checkout.

Orders containing Razertip products I do not stock will drop ship directly from Razertip.

Please contact me directly & for a quote for the products & the shipping/handling.

Expedited Shipping Services

Expedited shipping options have now been added to the shipping options upon check out.


Keep in mind that if there is a problem & I cannot get in touch with you because of incorrect information on the order I might not be able to ship your order.

Things to do to avoid delays, disappointment & shipping problems:

  • DOUBLE CHECK YOUR ORDER FOR ACCURACY BEFORE you check out. I can't tell you how many people forget to do this & packages get shipped to the wrong address.
  • MAKE SURE THE PHONE NUMBER & EMAIL ADDRESS ON THE TRANSACTION IS CORRECT BEFORE you check out. This information is also needed by the carrier to send you tracking & if there is a problem with your delivery.
  • PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY! if you are using the mail order form. Remember, if I can't read your writing I might not be able to contact you & you might not get your order.

About Address Corrections, Returned Packages & Additional Shipping Charges

If you follow the above guidelines there should be no issues getting your order delivered.

However if there is a problem this is what would happen:

  • Address Corrections:
    • If the package was shipped to the wrong address & it was my mistake I will take care of the correction & having the package re-directed to the correct address.
    • If the package was shipped to the wrong address & it was due to an incorrect address when you placed the order you will be responsible for the $13.00 address correction fee charged by the carrier. It's essential that you contact me ASAP to arrange for payment of the fee for the package to be redirected to the correct address or you can contact the carrier & make your own arrangements. If you have a FedEx Office & Print near you can have it delivered there at no extra charge.
  • Packages That are Returned: If your order is sent back to me due to failed delivery or if the package is Refused/or Returned to Sender this is what will happen:
    • If the carrier made 2-3 attempts to deliver, left notices & you failed to contact them to make arrangements to hold the package or for other delivery options & it is returned to me I will contact you to make arrangements. If you wish to have the order re-shipped I will invoice you to have the package re-shipped.
    • If you provided the wrong shipping address & the carrier could not deliver the package it will be held temporarily & then returned to me. If you wish to have the order re-shipped I will invoice you to have the package re-shipped.
    • If you refused the shipment of your order or noted it to be "returned to sender" & it was shipped according to the shipping instructions you provided when you place the order I will issue a refund for the products you ordered less the shipping & handling charges you paid.

Claims for Loss or Damage While in Transit

Damage/Loss while in transit: While I take every precaution possible when packing orders to ensure your order will be protected from damage sometimes things can still happen & once it leaves my hands I have no control over it. Every package that leaves my office is shipped with insurance for the full value of the merchandise & it is carefully packed with cushioning to protect the contents.

Keep in mind that if you receive a package that is damaged only you can provide the necessary documentation of the damage.

Documentation that you might need for a claim: packing slip (should be included with all shipments), transaction details/invoice you received from PayPal, photos of damaged packaging.

  • FedEx: Every FedEx shipment is insured for the value of the merchandise ordered.
    • Damage: If the package arrives & is visibly damaged it's best to immediately take photos...even better do it while the carrier is there. Don't assume something is broken because you hear something rattling. If you ordered a burner & you are hearing a rattle chances are what you are hearing is the cord(s) moving around in the box & the metal connectors touching the burner. If you are in doubt test it out before making a claim. You can initiate the claim through claim & attach the photos. They are very good about resolving issues quickly but the more documentation you have the better.
    • Loss: You will receive tracking information from FedEx & USPS when your package is picked up by the carrier & scanned in their system. It's rare & it's only happened a couple of times in 18 years but a package can get lost. If you are following the tracking you should be able to figure out what happens to it along the way. Because of the incidence of theft when packages are left without signature requirement I now require a signature for our protection. This way there is no chance of it being stolen because it is left at your door.
  • USPS: Most USPS orders are now shipped priority insured. I rarely ship anything by 1st class anymore because there is no tracking on it & once you add insurance it's no longer cheaper than Priority Mail.
    • Damage: As noted above with FedEx it's best to take a photo of the box immediately. USPS is not nearly as easy to work with if your package is damaged but if you follow the same guidelines as listed for FedEx you should have no problems. If the package is damaged take the box to your local post office & talk to your postmaster. Sometimes they will handle it right there or they will provide you with a claim form to complete & they will process it for you. The few incidents of claims for loss &/or damage were easy to resolve when the buyer took the damaged box directly to their local Post Office. The shipping label will help them to look up the tracking information in the system so they can determine if it was insured, how much it was insured for, etc. Should the shipping label have been damaged I can provide you with the necessary documentation you will need to take to your local Post Office.
    • Loss: Well, the USPS is not nearly as good about processing claims for loss as FedEx is. First, they will make you wait about 21 days to ensure it doesn't suddenly get delivered (which has happened) so there is not much either you or I can do until the 21 days has past. Once their waiting time has passed & the package has still not been delivered a claim can be filed at your local post office. If the package was shipped by priority mail the package will have been covered by insurance for the value of the merchandise.

I thank you for your time & I hope I have earned your business

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