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Pyrography is the art of drawing with heat (or fire drawing) and woodburning is just as the name implies, it is pyrography done on wood. To more accurately describe the tools used to do pyrography, the proper name for the tools used to do pyrography are pyrography tools. So, a pyrography tool isn't just for woodburning anymore!

Pyrography tools can be used to burn designs on wood, leather, canvas, gourds and other natural materials. Pyrography tools are very versatile and are used by pyrographers, woodcarvers, woodworkers, gourd artists and other crafters. They are available as single-temperature, solid tip burners as well as variable temperature burners but the bottom line is that they are all designed to do pyrography on a variety of materials.

Are you totally confused as to what to buy?

I understand and feel your pain. Many years ago I was in the same boat and had no clue what to buy. Unfortunately I didn't have the wealth of information that you have here on my website.

I relied on the advice of a vendor at a show and was talked into buying a lot more than I needed and definitely not the best burner or tips for my needs so I was very frustrated.

It's my goal to prevent the same thing from happening to you by arming you with all the information you need to buy the right tools for your needs.

I will help narrow down your search and answer most of your question with my two valuable tools!

The tools are my original pyrography tools review and comparison and my Razertip tutorial. With these tools you will be armed with enough information to make an informed decision.

  • My online pyrography woodburning tools review and comparison. This chart was originally compiled and developed by me several years ago for my online Yahoo Pyrography group, PyrographicArt, as a means of helping members review all the pyrography tool options. In 2009 I decided to add it to my website and expand the chart to include even more information. I researched all the pyrography tools manufactured in North American to update information and added new burner information. It is one of the most comprehensive reviews you will find anywhere and was originally researched and developed by me.
  • The other important tool to help you narrow down your search is my Pyrography 101 Tutorial Series, especially the Razertip Tutorial. It addresses many aspects of the burners and their options, the pens, care and maintenance and so much more. It also has LOTS of questions and answers that have been asked by other confused customers just like you. To help make it easier for you to make a decision these tutorials will help you narrow down your choices even more.

I hope you find all this very valuable information useful but should you have specific questions as you narrow down your search, don't hesitate to contact me. I understand just how confusing it can be choosing the right burning tools. My goal is to help you get set up with just what you need rather than trying to sell you lots of extras. 

If you have time to read the rest of the material below the tool categories please do. It will provide you more helpful information before you begin shopping. It will help you learn more about why I sell Razertip pyrography tools exclusively now and have for over 10 years as well as tell you about my business philosophy. If you are ready to buy just click on the links below.

Read about the Wattage Controversy before you buy!

For years consumers have been told by some manufacturers that their burners have the highest wattage & will perform better. Consumers are led to believe these claims & that burners that claim to have more wattage output perform better.

Before you make a decision regarding the purchase of a woodburning system please read the information on my website regarding wattage claims.


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Razertip pyrography tools and accessories. Razertip Woodburning Pens Wall Lenk 10 in 1 in plastic case. Wall Lenk 10-in-1 Tool Kit.

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Reviews & Comparisons of the Pyrography tools manufactured in North America


Sawdust Connection...The Pyrography Woodburning Specialists! As a professional Pyrographer and instructor I have the expertise in pyrography tools that most dealers do not have! I offer the best selection and quality of pyrography tools manufactured by Razertip Industries all at affordable prices. I am your complete source for wood burning tools and supplies. I carry the finest pyrography tools on the market from the leaders in the industry. The bottom line is that I use what I sell and I only deal with companies that have provide the best products and the best customer service. Please read about my business philosophy below.

I offer the BEST PRICES around on all wood burning tools and pens....check me out!


As a professional pyrographer and instructor I have had the opportunity to use every brand of burner made in Northern America and have sold several different brands over the years. Most have come and gone because of poor quality and/or customer service, both of which are very important to me and to my customers. Of all the brands, I have found that Razertip has both the best quality and customer service which in my opinion are critical when considering a major purchase such as a pyrography tool. Razertip stands behind their products and gives you, the customer, the best and the fastest customer service should you have a problem. No worries about feeling like they are doing you a favor and no worries about being without your burner for weeks or even worse months. I feel confident that you will have no regrets buying a Razertip system and you will get years of enjoyment using any one of their burners. 

Razertip pyrography systems are suitable for the beginner to the professional. I want you to be happy with the pyrography tools you buy from me and I want to be sure that the company who makes the tools will stand behind their product and provide good follow-up service should you ever need it.  

About the Pyrography Tools I sell

Razertip may not be the cheapest, but they are the best overall pyrography tools on the market. They offer the finest tools, the best customer service and still the best warranty on the unconditional warranty on the wood burning power unit and all fixed-tip pens. If they fail for any reason during the warranty period it's covered. Razertip has been the leader in the industry with their state-of-the-art Pen with foam grips which are now vented for even more comfort. Their ni-chrome tips are all highly polished for smooth burning, create less build up of carbon and are easier to clean. Razertip products have been best sellers for over 25 years and have the widest variety of tips available. 

Single Temperature Woodburning Tools

I no longer stock the Dremel (made by Wall Lenk) or the Wall Lenk single temperature burners but you can order them directly from me through my Amazon link to Wall Lenk. Wall Lenk is the only manufacturer of single temperature burners in the USA. These are the same single temperature woodburning tools I use and have sold for over 9 years and the only ones still made in the USA.

About The Pyrography Pens I Sell

I only sell fixed-tip pens for a variety of reasons which you can read about on my Razertip tutorial.  I used to stock hundreds of pen options and discovered over the last 10 years that some would sit on the shelf for years and never sell so now I stop the best sellers and special order those I don't stock.

So, here's the deal....If I don't stock it and you want it, let me know.  I'll get it for you at my same discounted prices.

Interchanging Pyrography Handpieces and Burners

Many brands of pyrography pens have different connectors so if you are trying to interchange one brand of pen on a different brand pyrography tool be sure you have the right cord. I have photos of each brand of pyrography pen I sell so you can see the connection at the end. Make sure it will work on the burner you have before ordering.  If it doesn't match check out one of the adaptor cords I carry. If you are unsure please contact me

What tips do I really need to get started?

That is the $64,000 question!

The answer to that question is if you are buying a variable temperature detail burner such as Nibsburner or Razertip you really only need 3 pens to do just about anything. I am discontinuing Nibsburner pens so they are only available while supply lasts.

Every pyrographer has their favorites and here is what I personally use and recommend:

  1. Shader - I prefer a bent spear shader such as the Razertip HD5MP or HD5MSP, Nibsburner #5BSM or #5BSSM, all designed to my specifications by Nibsburner and Razertip. I use this tip style for 95% of my work because it is so versatile. This is by far the best all around tip because it can do just about anything and it will get into tight spots that round or square shade's can't. The spear shader is one of the most versatile pens and there isn't much you can't do with it. I do my smooth shading (gradient shading), fur, hair, feathers and just about everything with just this pen. While some people prefer spoon or round shaders, the spear can do so much more and it does offer so much versatility most people find they do most of their work with just this one pen. 
  2. Writer - I prefer a very find writer and have found the most versatile are: Razertip F99.008 ball stylus or the F9P that I designed or the new Nibsburner #4M Micro Writer. All of these tips are small, just like fine tipped pens and can do curved lines, cursive and block printing, hatching and cross hatching, etc. All very versatile choices.
  3. Round-heeled knife - My preference here is and always has been a round-heeled knife because again it is more versatile than a flat skew. It will do curved as well as straight lines which you cannot do with a flat skew. My favorites are:  Razertip: #14D that was made to my specifications. It has a blunt heel, is a bit more versatile or the HD14SM both are round-heeled knives and because of their size are the most versatile size to do almost anything. Nibsburner now makes my versions of these pens, KN14B & KN14BM. The 14B has a blunt heel making it a bit more maneuverable than any of the other sizes. 

My philosophy is and always will be that more is not necessarily better. Buy the tools that are the most versatile so you don't have to buy more.  I'm never one to push a lot of pens on people and I prefer that people start off with the necessities and build on that as they learn and grow. People think I'm crazy for discouraging customers from buying more tools but I honestly prefer people to buy the most versatile tools that can do more than to buy more "single use type" tools. Some people, like myself use just those 3 pens and don't have any need to expand except if you decide to perhaps burn on miniatures and need smaller versions of certain tips. 

Please check out my Razertip tutorial and Nibsburner tutorial for more detailed information, FAQ's, etc.  

The Pioneer of the Woodburning/Pyrography Starter Kits

As the creator of the original "Pyrography Starter Kits" when I started selling burners I never looked at myself as a trend setter but that is exactly what happened because over the last few years others have followed my lead.

It all started when I first started burning in 1999 I was totally confused as to what I need so I relied on the expertise of a woodcarving vendor to recommend what I needed...BIG mistake!

When I started selling pyrography tools I realized I needed to do something to help my customers get what they need without becoming overwhelmed or pushed into buying things they don't need. By 2003 my kits had evolved several times as I realized there were too many choices and people were confused so I separated the burners from the kits and refined the kits even more. My kits were the only ones that were complete with everything to get started (again, a trend setter), not just with tips but my kits included wood, graphite paper, cleaning tools and when my first book, "Pyrography 101" was published in 2003, the book was included in all the kits.

In 2007 I got a lot more involved in gourd art and doing gourd festivals so I created some gourd kit options and over the next few years refined those several times. 

What I noticed over the last few years is that even Razertip decided kits were a good idea and new dealers are now jumping on the band wagon offering starter kits. I guess my idea was a good one, not just for my customers but for my competition.

My goal has always been to simplify your life and make shopping in my store easier and every change to my website has been done with that in mind....especially the process of buying pyrography tools because I've been in your shoes and I know how difficult it is to buy just the right pyrography tool.

So, if you are just starting out - try one of my starter kits to go along with your new woodburner. I have put together packages that are perfect for just about everyone's budget and need. They are complete with everything but the burner. The kits include: instructional book, wood, transfer paper, something to clean your tips and some offer a variety of the most popular pens. Everything you need to get started and all at a great "packaged" price. 

Just choose your burner and the kit of your choice!

The kits you see on my website are only available from me and only available online. My kits offer the most popular and versatile pens and supplies needed for someone just starting out based on my experience as a pyrographer and from my experience teaching and working with pyrographers for many years.  It is my goal to provide you with kits that will give you the most for your money.


I no longer sell Burnmaster pyrography tools, however I do sell wood burning pens that will work on them if used cautiously. Because Burnmaster operates on a 3 volt system I do not recommend using Razertip or Optima pens with them. Their tips are thinner than many brands and they are made to work on a 2 volt systems. Using them could result in the pens burning out. 

If you have a newer model Burnmaster you can turn down the powder but older models do not have that option.

About my business and pricing philosophy

I started my own business back in 1993 and have been an artist for longer than I can remember. I have been a pyrographer, gourd artist and teacher for many years. I work on wood, gourds and many other materials so I fully understand the needs of pyrographers and gourd artists. I have used just about every brand of pyrography tool made in North America and I have sold several brands of wood burning tools over the years and have discontinued selling some brands for lack of customer service, good quality control or performance issues. My philosophy is simple, I only sell the tools that I personally use and can stand behind. The company must provide the same outstanding customer service that I provide the end user, the customer. 

As a professional pyrographer I can offer my customers the expertise not available from many dealers who may be carvers or woodworkers but only use a burner to enhance their carvings. They have no expertise in the needs of pyrographers (drawing designs on gourds and wood). They may sell a variety of carving tools and equipment and only sell pyrography tools as a side line. 

I have been selling pyrography tools since 2000 and the companies I represent have made pens based on my specifications so that I can provide pyrographers the best and most versatile wood burning pens on the market.

I have always offered my customers discounted prices on all wood burning tools and accessories and will continue to do so. My father, who was in the retail business for over 50 years told me that offering customers a discount as well as the best customer service was his way of showing customers that he cared about them and their needs, not just making money. He was offering discounted prices long before Wal-Mart was even in existence. When I started my own business back in 1993 I decided to follow in his footsteps, not as a means of competing with other dealers, but as a means of helping people save money while affording them the opportunity to buy the best quality products. 

How many dealers offer you the opportunity to try the pyrography tools in your own home and if it isn't what you expected you can return it? Not many, but that's exactly what I do! Please check out my no-hassle guarantee. And what's even better, we're here in the good ole USA!

I don't sell on Amazon or EBay and I don't negotiate prices to try to price match other dealers. I might not have the cheapest prices you find but I have some of the BEST PRICES around on every pyrography tool, pens and accessories. What I do give you is FREE honest advice and recommendations and very competitive prices from a dealer in the USA.

If you are looking for good service and even better prices from a professional pyrographer who has the expertise to help you make the right choices for your needs you have come to the right place! If you're looking for a bargain and don't need any help please feel free to shop EBay, Amazon or other dealers. 

My goal is to keep my customers happy, burning and coming back because of my service and competitive prices! 

Happy Burning ©

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