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Sawdust Connection, The Pyrography Specialists carry a full line of pyrography supplies. If there is something you don't see, don't hesitate to contact me. I try to keep everything in stock, but at times, I do run out. If that happens when you have placed an order, I will notify you immediately of how long it will take to get the items from the manufacturer. I do appreciate your business and will try to make your shopping experience a pleasure.

What Is The Best Carrying case for your Burner, Pens & Accessories?

For years people have been asking me if I sell a carrying case to hold the burner & all the accessories. IMy Razertip Carrying Case. don't sell any & never will but I will give away my trade secret....the very best case I have ever found & have used for over 18 years is a cosmetic train case. I also call it my CSI case because it's the same case that it used in the show CSI.

I bought mine at JC Penney many years ago during the holiday season. It came fully packed with cosmetics that I gave away. Keep in mind that this case is more than 18 years old & has been to a lot of classes & shows but it has withstood a lot of abuse. This one is aluminum but they are available in a variety of materials.

Razertip burner carrying case.My burner, all my pens, cleaning tools, etc. all fit inside. Now you are going to say..."but you only recommend 3 pens, so why do you carry so many in your case"? The answer is shows people want to see a pen that will accomplish a certain task & I have to show them what it can do. The same goes for my classes. I want people to see a variety of pens & let them see what they are capable of doing. It doesn't mean I use them all & I don't but it was necessary to have them available.

So if you are looking for the best carrying case check out Wal-Mart, JC Penney & the cosmetic department in most department stores will carry a case like this. I alsoMy Razertip Carrying Case. suggest perhaps taking your burner with you so you can put it in the bottom to see if it fits.

Just as an FYI, my case measures: 12" long x 8 3/4" wide x 10" high. The bottom section inside (where I store my burner, strop, aluminum oxide & other items) measures 5" high. This may not work for every brand but it works perfectly for my Razertip. It will accommodate either the single or dual output burners & just about anything else you need to carry with you when you travel, attend classes, etc.

Wood for Crafts, Pyrography & Woodburning

Check out the wood products for all your craft needs in the Basswood & Wood Products page

Pyrography, Craft & Woodworking Supplies & Accessories

Thermal Finger Guards . These finger guards are made from Heat Resistant, Food-Grade Silicone. They are Heat Resistant to 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 600 degrees Fahrenheit for short-term exposure.

The non-stick properties of silicone also make handling sticky tapes, adhesives and glues easy. The unique and Innovative shape fits comfortably on most size fingers, and can be put on and off easily and efficiently. These finger guards are made from durable silicone that is Thicker and more substantial than most competing finger guards. plus they can be easily Washed and Reused.

Each package contains 3 Finger Guards. These were specifically designed for use with hot glue guns, Ironing, binding, pressing, pyrography and more. Use for art and craft projects, woodburning and more. These help prevent burns when used with caution. Retail Packaging Shown. Latex-free


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Thermal Finger Guards.

3 Pack - Red

Thermal Finger Guards.


Thermal Thumb Guards Colors.


Finger Guards



Thermal Finger Guards are great for people who find their handpieces getting too hot

Durable - Grips to Fingers - Washable - Use Daily. Thermal Finger Guard, Finger Protector


  • Fits Any Size Finger

  • Ideal for Art, Craft, and Industrial Projects

  • Heat and Stick Resistant Food-Grade Silicone - Non-toxic, Latex-free, dishwasher safe

  • For Hot Glue Guns, Ironing, Binding, Pressing, and More. Handle Sticky Tape with Ease

  • Great for keeping fingers cool when using a Pyrography/Woodburning tool

  • Works great for soldering, using a glue gun & any other craft that uses heat

  • Manufactured in China & packaged in the USA

MSRP: $8.99

OUR PRICE: $5.50

Brass Brush for Ceaning Typhoon Burs.
#FDH58B Brass Brush

Dimensions: 5/8" wide x 5-3/4" long. Solid wood handle. Used for cleaning Razertip tip Feather Former tips as well as Typhoon carving burs. Dense brass bristles remove debris quickly and easily.

CAUTION: DO NOT use these on the regular Razertip pyrography tips.

Made in USA.

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Hone Strop.

WD400 - Strop


These strops are unique because of the special rubber-like material used on the strop. This material eliminates the inconsistencies of leather and will greatly outlast leather strops.  The strop surface can be renewed periodically with a little detergent and water. Each strop is bound to a wooden handle and has a round edge. These are great for honing carving tools and wood burning tips.

This is what I use to clean my Razertip pens along with #WD402 Aluminum oxide powder.


OUR PRICE: $15.75

Aluminum Oxide Powder.

WD402 - Aluminum Oxide Polishing Compound - 1 oz.


This powder is pure aluminum oxide powder without any wax binders. It comes in a one ounce jar and will go a long way. Just a tiny pinch of the abrasive powder on your strop will maintain your carving tools and wood burning tips. This is what I used & recommend to clean my Razertip pens along with the #WD400 Strop.

This jar will last for years!


OUR PRICE: $5.75

Razertip tip cleaner/scraper.

#RTCL Razertip Tip Cleaner/Scraper

This amazing tool works by scraping carbon off your pen tips. Your tips will stay cleaner and last longer. Easy one-hand operation can be done while the pen is hot so you save time.


OUR PRICE: $9.65

Transfer paper for crafts, gourds, Pyrography, woodcarving & other woodcrafts

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Graphite transfer paper 1 sheet.

Walnut Hollow Transfer Paper - Graphite

1 Sheet (12" x 24")


  • Does not contain wax.
  • It  is great for transferring patterns to light colored raw wood for chip carving, wood burning, etc.
  • It will not bleed when you go over it with a pyrography tip like wax-based carbon paper.
  • Lines can easily be erased when you are finished & it can be used over & over again.
  • Transfer your favorite patterns easily.
  • To use, place pattern on surface and tape in place. Slip transfer paper (coated side down) between pattern & surface.
  • Use a No. 2 pencil, red pen or stylus to trace pattern elements.

OUR PRICE: $2.75

Graphite Transfer Paper Packs.

GourdSupply Products

Transfer Paper Packs


Same as above but better quality; different brand, size & options
  • Graphite is great for transferring patterns to light colored raw wood for chip carving, woodburning; fabric, canvas, drawing paper, metal. etc.
  • White transfer paper is good for transferring patterns to dark surfaces such as gourds, dark wood, fabric, paper, etc.

White 2 pk: $2.10

RETAIL: Graphite 5 pk: $5.25

OUR PRICE: Graphite 5 pk: $4.75


Hand-Made Pyrography Pen Holders

I asked Al to make these for me many years ago when I started teaching so I had a convenient holder to use in my classes. My students loved them so we started making them for my customers.

Together we designed this to hold the pens in their plastic tubes for safety reasons. They will accommodate most brands of pens except for Detailmaster (because their cords are attached to the handpiece)

These are not shipped outside the USA

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Pyrography Pen Holder.

Pyrography Pen Holder.

These are samples of what the pen holder looks like.

#SC103 - Portable Pen Holder
Holds 10 Pens


These are made to order so please allow extra time for them to be made & the sealer to dry.

These have been discontinued through Sawdust Connection. Since we are now using Al's personal stash of wood to clear out his shop I have moved them to my personal collection page.

These items have been moved.

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Nedra's Private Collection

Canvas Bags, leather items for Pyrography & Other Crafts Through Amazon

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Pyrography on Leather Bookmark.As some of you are now discovering Pyrography is not reserved for burning just on wood. As IRose on canvas bag. perfected my woodburning techniques I started experimenting with burning on other materials.

I did some research & figured if I could find materials that are safe to burn I was going to experiment.

I tried Tagua nuts but discovered this wasn't for me. Many people enjoy burning on them but it just didn't do anything for me so I moved on.

When I first started burning I tried gourds & at the time I didn't like it but many years later I took a stab at it & decided it was pretty nice so I kept at it.

Some other things I enjoyed burning on was leather & canvas. Both are fun & safe as long asLeather Key Fob you take care that the leather is vegetable tanned & the canvas is untreated.

Some really fun projects that make great gifts are leather key fobs & book marks.

One of the roses I did on wood I decided to experiment with on canvas. It was challenging but I had a great time doing it & it turned out pretty nice. I was also asked to write an article about burning on canvas by Fox Chapel Publishing for the 3rd edition of their Pyrography Magazine.

NOTE ABOUT BURNING ON CANVAS: The canvas bag I used was untreated 100% cotton canvas. Be sure to check before you buy that it is untreated. You will also want to iron it before attempting to burn. I also suggest you place a piece of wood (plywood is good) below the area you are burning to avoid burning through to the other side & burn gently & in layers until you achieve the depth of color you want to avoid burning a hole.

Smoke Absorber & Wood Materials Suitable for Pyrography


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Aoyue 486 Bench top Smoke Absorber

It's time to breathe easy! This bench top fume extractor removes soldering smoke and fumes quickly, safely and efficiently. Great for electronics, arts and crafts, soldering, pyrography and stained glass work.

Order using the link on the right & save money plus get free shipping!

  • Small & lightweight making it perfect to take to classes
  • Quiet yet powerful operation. Approx. 37 cubic feet per minute airflow
  • Activated carbon filter absorbs up to 80 percent of the odors from the air and is easy to replace
  • ESD-safe by design
  • Approx. 5"x5" filter area
  • Unit measures Approx. 11"h x 8"w x 6"d
  • Unit weighs 2.8 lbs.
  • One Extra replacement filter included

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Benchtop Smoke Absorber.

Wall Lenk Solderpro, Craft Style burners & Temperature Regulator

Wall Lenk & Dremel Solid-tip burners & accessories are both manufactured by Wall Lenk in the U.S.A. These burners are ideal for people that are heavy-handed & those who are not intending to do fine detail work.

Due to lack of storage space we are no longer stocking these solid point burners but I am making them available to you through Amazon Associates.  Items purchase through the Amazon store will be a separate transaction and will be processed through the Amazon Associates program. You will be eligible for free shipping on qualifying orders over $35.00 in the Amazon store. Note that the items ordered through the Amazon store will be a separate transaction.

NOTICE: As with all hot tools do not let children use these tools unsupervised & be sure you turn them off before you walk away from them.


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Wall Lenk LSP-110-1 SOLDERPRO 110 3-in-1 Auto Ignition Soldering Iron & Blow Torch

  • Cordless Butane Powered Soldering IronRhapsody Rose.
  • 30 watt to 125 watt Equivalent Electrical Power
  • Blow Torch Feature
  • Approximate temperatures
  • Fueled by Butane
  • 30 Watt to 125Watt Equivalent Electrical Power

I have used this torch for many years to cover large dark areas quickly. It is very comfortable to hold & use even for long periods of time. It is an electronic piezoelectric lighter. With the push of a button it starts to heat up. I like how I can control how hot it burns.Wall Lenk Solderpro 110 Torch. The photo below shows my SOLDERPRO with no tip attached. This is actually the way I use it when I'm burning.

Product Description
The Wall Lenk LSP-110 2-in-1 auto ignition portable butane powered torch is the ultimate cordless heat tool for the most demanding user. It is cordless, simple and safe to operate under any conditions, anywhere. It offers soldering iron features and blow torch, and equivalent electrical power 30 watts to 125 watts. It is ready to use 15 seconds after ignition.

From the Manufacturer
The Wall Lenk LSP-110 2-in-1 auto ignition portable butane powered is the ultimate cordless heat tool for the most demanding user. Cordless, simple, safe to operate under any conditions, anywhere. It offers soldering iron feature and blow torch, and equivalent electrical power 30 watts to 125 watts. Ready to use 15 seconds after ignition.

Order the Wall Lenk Tool Kit

Wall Lenk Solderpro Torch.

Wall Lenk 10-In-OneTool Kit

The Wall Lenk L101KB Woodworker's 10-in-1 Tool Kit is for the Ultimate Wall Lenk 10 in 1 in plastic solid-tip woodburning tools. Most other single temperature burners come with only 1 heat shield. The Wall Lenk 30 watt woodburner comes with a dual heat shield that gives the best protection for your hand from the heat of the burner. Maximum tip temperature of 1,050° F for fast, dark burning.

The kit includes 30 watt pencil style professional tool, 7-burning tips, 2-cutting & fusing tips, 1-soldering tip, plus the universal tip in the tool, tool stand, blow molded storage case, instruction sheet. This is the one I use for all my dark backgrounds and large dark shaded areas. It is by far the Cadillac of single temperature woodburners. Wall Lenk is the only manufacturer of solid-point wood burning tools in the USA.

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Wall Lenk 10-in-1 Tool Kit.

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Dremel 1550 T2 Versa Tip Multipurpose Tool Kit

The Dremel 1550 Multipurpose tool is made by Wall Lenk in the USA.  Multipurpose tool for wood burning, soldering, hot knife cutting of Styrofoam and plastics, cutting and fusing rope. This professional-quality tool offers superior versatility and burning capabilities for the do-it-yourselfer or serious craftsman. It features a powerful, high efficiency bronze core heating element and by simply switching tips, the tool can be used for wood burning, leather crafting, stencil cutting, soldering, hot knife cutting and fusing rope.

The kit includes 5 interchangeable tips, tool stand and tip storage tube. Maximum tip temperature: 1,050° F for fast, dark burning. This is the same wood burning tool listed above but sold under the name of Dremel. It does not come in a case. It contains general purpose woodworking tips but does not contain all of the tips listed in the 10-in-1 tool kit.

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Dremel Mutipurpose Tool.

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Wall Lenk LTR100 Temperature Regulator

This regulator turns your craft style woodburners, soldering irons & other single temperature handpieces into variable temperature control handpiece.

This regulating device is specifically designed to control the temperature of heated tools such as Woodburning Pens, Stained Glass Irons, Stencil Cutting Pens, Soldering Irons, and Branding Tools.

With the LTR100, a heated tool can be used over its full temperature range for greater application flexibility.

Don't worry about hot being too hot, the Wall Lenk temperature regulator controls temperatures of soldering irons, branding tools, wood burning and stencil cutting pens.

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Wall Lenk Temperature Regulator.

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