Pyrography Gallery - Native American Style and Southwestern Wood Burning Art

I was inspired by the Native American Style and the Southwest even before ever moving to New Mexico

Long before moving to New Mexico many years ago I was drawn to the southwest and it's beauty and I can't explain why since I had never lived there. Perhaps it was the earthy colors that some people said I would tire of after having grown up in New England.

The paintings of my youth featured many desert scenes and native american style designs. Little did I know that many years later I would be living in the Southwest and loving it as though I belonged here. Even my early collection of reference photos had a very strong southwest and native american theme. My family never expected that I would eventually move to New Mexico but when my mother came to visit me for the first time she said "it must be in your blood because it's like you are home here". It's true, I have always felt that New Mexico is where I belong from the moment I first arrived. I guess it was a case of being born in the wrong place.

When I started doing pyrography some of my first designs were inspired by the southwest and still are to this day. My camera is never far when we are traveling through New Mexico and Arizona and my collection of reference photos continues to grow. I never know when I want to find just the right Yucca, road runner, adobe house or other things that just "hit me" at the moment.

The natural beauty of woodburning enhances the rustic, earthy appearance of the Native American and western art that I create with my burnings. 

I design my Native American pieces from a variety of sources including my extensive library of photos taken while living in New Mexico attending pow-wows and traveling to different pueblo's as well as historical books on the subject. 

If you would like to purchase one of my original woodburnings or would like to discuss a commission, please contact me


"Nyol Hastiin"
Actual woodburning is 10" x 14 1/2"

Navajo meaning (rough definition) Wind Man

An original design burned on a maple burl and enhanced with color


Niyol Hastiin burning done on maple burl.


Enchanting Eyes pyrography by Nedra Denison.

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"Enchanting Eyes"

From an original photo, taken by Edward S. Curtis from his North American Indian Project done in the early 20th century. The collection was acquired by Library of Congress and copyright was not renewed and is now in public domain.

Actual woodburning is 9" x 12" on a basswood plaque

Custom framed with UV glass protection

2008 - 1st place - Belen Art League show at

the Harvey House Museum, Belen, NM

Custom framed w/museum gallery UV glass protection

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FRAMED PRICE: $1500.00


"Chief Joseph"
Chief of the Nez Perce

I did a lot of research and worked with several reference photos of the Chief.  In my research I discovered that all of his photos as an elder showed marked evidence of changes in the right side of his face including the oval shape of the iris & pupil, drooping of his cheek, mouth and chin. I wanted this burning to be lifelike so I captured his face as it was at this time in his life. The original photo was taken from the Edward S. Curtis Collection (now in public domain) the Library of Congress and I have made some "artistic" changes in the process of the burning.

Actual burning is 9" x 12" on a basswood plaque

Won 1st Place Woodburning Category and Best of Division - Expert Level

2007 - Kitsap Woodcarvers Show, Bremerton, WA

2006 - Quilceda Woodcarvers Show, Monroe, WA

2006 - Spokane Woodcarvers Show, Spokane, WA

2006 - Northwest Woodcarvers Show, Puyallup, WA

Custom Framed w/museum gallery UV glass protection

FRAMED PRICE: $1500.00

Chief Joseph woodburned portrait.

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"Indian Maiden"
12" Basswood Plank w/bark

This is taken from an original painting

with written permission from the original artist, Karen Noles


"Indian Maiden" pyrography by Nedra Denison.


Southwestern Style Napkin Holder

Nedra's napkin holder was featured in the September 2009 issue of New Mexico Magazine

This is an original design similar to the old mimbre designs from New Mexico burned on a basswood napkin holder. The napkin holders can be made in a variety of wood. This particular holder is not for sale but a similar one can be made with this or other designs. Also available in a Santa Fe Steps design with a variety of woodburned designs.

If you wish to have a napkin holder made for you, please contact me 

SOLD includes burning on both sides 

Napkin holder with kokopelli on one side and lizard on the other side.

 Napkin holder with kokopelli on one side and lizard on the other side. 


Utensil Holder Finished.

Southwestern Style Utensil Holder

Nedra's utensil holder was featured in the September 2009 issue of New Mexico Magazine

Holder is hand-made by Alan Denison

Woodburned by Nedra Denison

This is the same original design burned on a maple utensil holder.  This utensil holder can be made in a variety of woods.  It is burned on all 4 sides with a repeating pattern of a kokopelli and lizard.  It can also be done with a variety of other southwestern designs of your choice. This holder is holding spoons hand-carved by Alan.  You can see some of the spoons on Alan's woodcarving page

If you wish to have a utensil holder made for you, please contact me

Utensil holder Price:  $75.00 includes burning on all 4 sides

Shipping w/insurance anywhere in continental USA:  $10.95