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Birds of Prey Pyrography Burned on Wood

Eagles are magnificent creatures and one of my favorite subjects for pyrography. I have always been fascinated with eagles and living in the great Northwest gave me so many opportunities to enjoy them up close and personal.  

Like my human portraits I always start a wood burning of an eagle or other bird with it's eye. If I can make the eye come alive and follow me it's perfect. It is so exciting creating a wood burning of an eagle and watching it develop as the layers of feathers are burned and then the face comes starts to come to life. If I can capture the "look" it's a success!

These pieces are done on a variety of woods such as Basswood, Italian Poplar, Holly and maple burls. Each wood has a different personality, but each one is great for wood burning.

If you would like to purchase one of my original wood burnings or would like to discuss a commission, please contact me

Update 11/9/14 - Back in the Saddle Again

After almost 4 years unable to do any burning due to lack of strength or dexterity I am finally able to do some burning again.

After fracturing my wrist in Feb, 2011 I was unable to do any work due to the pain & lack of dexterityy. It made it almost impossible to do any burning which requires a lot of detail work. While my hand is not back to where I was before the fall it is as good as it will ever be. I can no longer sit & burn 8 hours a day but even a couple of hours is better than nothing. I have been painting & doing art since I was a child so it's been hard not being able to do much except a few gourds here & there which didn't require a lot of fine motor skills.

When I start painting or burning I'm very focused. I usually turn on my music & get lost in my work. Well, after a few minutes of practicing with the burner I had my groove on & it was like I had never stopped...except of course I could only burn for about 2 hours before my hand gave out. But, something is better than nothing.

I have 3 projects that I started before the accident & I'm starting with the biggest but then that's the way I do things...gung ho & dive in. I was inspired to start with the Red-Tailed Hawk because we had just been to a birding festival & there was a Bald Eagle, Red-Tailed Hawk & Kestrel at the festival. I took a bunch of photos & was determined to get to work on my hawk.


Red-Tailed Hawk on Basswood.

Finished piece will be posted soon...I hope!

"Red-Tailed Hawk"
Approximately 14" x 16"

Basswood Slab w/bark an original design


We are in Texas now & I don't have my own studio here so I went over to the craft room in our community because it has more room & better lighting. A few people stopped in to see if anybody was working in there. They had never seen pyrography so they wanted to know more about the process & they wanted to look at some of my other burnings (thank god I had some photos on my phone) & now they want to learn how to burn. It's contagious!

I opted to burn the hawk on a basswood bark board because I wanted the light color wood for the light feathers on the chest rather than adding color. The bark gives it a more natural, earthy feel almost like he's sitting on the tree.

"Golden Eagle"
 Approx. 5" x 7

Maple burl natural pyrography with no color added


This piece was done on a big leaf maple burl from the pacific northwest.



Golden Eagle


"Golden Eagle"
12" x 12-1/2"

Basswood Slab w/bark an original design


Won 1st Place - Expert Level, Best of Pyrography & Best of Wood Working

2005  Northwest Wood Carvers Show

Won 1st Place - Expert Level, Best of Division, Judges Choice & BEST OF SHOW

2006 Kitsap Wood Carvers Show


"American Pride"

Basswood Plank

natural pyrography with no color added

My tribute to 9/11


American Pride; original pyrography by Nedra Denison.

Bald Eagle on basswood.

"Bald Eagle"
9" x 11" Basswood Slab

natural pyrography with no color added