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Looking for a Source for Pyrography Books, Wood, Gourds and Other Resources ?

These are links to websites that are worth checking out!

Be sure to check out the link below if you are looking for a place to buy my books if you are outside the USA, are a crafter looking for wood, gourds; want to start a website & need a great company to host your website & a company to process orders from your website!

Where to find my books if you are a dealer or a consumer outside the USA

Of course you can order my books directly from me or you can order them through your local dealer.

There may be other sources I am not aware of but these are known sources. If your book suppler does not carry them please have them contact me. If you cannot find a dealer in your area please order directly from Fox Chapel Publishing listed below.

NOTICE ABOUT PYROGRAPHY 101: The 3rd Edition is & always has been available through me. Contrary to what Fox Chapel has been saying, this book is NOT out of print. Fox Chapel is no longer stocking this book & I stopped selling my other books to them due to their change in terms of buying privately published books. My books are all available directly from me or Razertip Industries will also be carrying them.

ATTENTION DEALERS: May 1, 2017 update. Fox Chapel Publishing has new people handling the buying of privately published books. They have decided to continue with the original terms that we agreed upon back in 2003 & they will be stocking all of my books again. The new people handling this placed an order for all the books except Pyrography 101 because they were told it was out of print. After clearing the air regarding the situation with that book they will be ordering it in the near future.

If you have been buying my books directly from me since I stopped selling to Fox chapel you may continue ordering from me at the same terms we agreed upon or you can purchase them from Fox Chapel.

If you are selling my books & wish to be listed here please contact me & let me know which books you are stocking & provide me with a link to your website.

 If you are in Canada please contact Razertip Industries who will now be a distributor of my books. They will be selling both retail & wholesale.





Other Countries

  • Razertip Industries - (Canada) - They are a new distributor & will be selling retail & wholesale
  • Fox Chapel Publishing - Fox Chapel Publishing, a distributor of a wide variety of craft books, is carrying all 4 of my books again.

Resources for Patterns, Supplies, Tools, Wood, Etc.

  • Montzka Woodworking, Inc. - Three generations of wooden bowl & plate turners & grandson TimChip Caved Plate carved by Nedra Denison has been running the show for some time now. I was introduced to their plates over 16 years ago & they have, by far the finest quality wooden plates. You will not find anything better...cheaper maybe, but the quality workmanship does not compare. These are the plates that I have used over the years for my chipcarving & pyrography. While I have tried other plates the quality workmanship does not compare. The photos on the right show one of their plates that I used for an intricate chip carved plate that I opted not to stain.The color in the photo turned out yellowish due to the lighting but the wood was identical to the photo with the Iris. The second plate was used for one of my favorite pyrography These plates were both made by Tim Montzka.
  • The Woodcraft Shop - Larry carries a great variety of Basswood plates, boxes, plaques, sheets &Bearded Beauties pyrography of some of my favorite flowers, Iris. bark boards as well as Italian Poplar Plywood. Basswood & Italian Poplar Plywood are very popular for woodburning because of their clear light colored surface. The basswood items are also suitable for woodcarving & other crafts. 
  • Clanbadge - great software for creating Celtic knot designs
  • Donjer - Suede-Tex Flocking. Perfect for lining carved or burned boxes
  • Heinecke - great source for wood suitable for burning & carving
  • Hofcraft - Great resource for craft supplies. They have a wonderful selection of wood products for pyrography, carving & other crafts including bowls, plates & other wood blanks. Their plates are very nice but when it comes to turned plates I will go for Montzka hands down.

Dried Gourds & Seeds

  • Wuertz Farm - They carry a great variety of dried gourds. Located in Casa Grande, AZ.
  • Leiser Farms - Gourd Farmer carries a wide variety of dried gourds. They are located in Knights Landing, CA.
  • Quarry Farm Gourds - The carry a wide variety of gourds & seeds. Located in North Baltimore, OH.
  • Foothill Farms - Dry gourds, crafts & seeds. Located in Newark, OH.
  • Pumpkin Hollow Gourds - Dry gourds & gourd crafts. Located in Piggott, AR.

Gourd and Pyrographic Artists and Woodworkers Sites of Interest

Well, it appears that many of the pyrography artists have shut down their websites. If you are a gourd or Pyrographic artist & wish to exchange links please contact me.

  • Alan & Nedra's Gallery - Our collection of gourd art, pyrography, carvings and scroll saw
  • Nunziante Langellotto - An amazing Pyrographic artist from Italy
  • Hellen Martin - A very talented gourd artist. She creates unique, one of a kind gourd art. Hellen offers private lessons as well as teaching at gourd festivals & retreats. She has written several books on her faux western leather tooling & closed & pine needle coiling techniques.
  • Reggie Eakin - A very talented gourd artist & instructor from Metter, GA

Woodcarving Club Sites

The North Alabama Woodcarvers Association - The group is based in Huntsville, AL. The offer classes throughout the year & an annual show.

The Texas Woodcarvers Guild - This is an organization comprised of local woodcarving groups within the state of Texas. They sponsor semi-annual shows/rallies with all kinds of classes.

Gourd Sites I Support

American Gourd Society.

About the resources I recommend

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