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Sawdust Connection carries a wide variety of supplies and tools for gourds, scrapbooking, stamping and other crafts

Here you will find some miscellaneous gourd & craft supplies not found elsewhere.

It's always been my goal to try to offer the best quality and variety as well as very competitive pricing on everything we sell and I hope you enjoy these supplies as much as I do.

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Craft and Gourd Supplies from Our Amazon Store

Many of the items listed below are products I used to carry in stock but due to lack of space I decided to discontinue carrying them but have now added them to my Amazon Associates page. You can buy these at great prices from Amazon while supporting Sawdust Connection.

Amazon.com offers an extensive selection and great prices, including books both new and used.  Free shipping is usually available with a $35 purchase, and other discounts are often available. 

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Pyrography, Craft and Woodworking Supplies & Accessories

A variety of useful supplies & accessories for Pyrography, Gourds & other crafts


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Thermal Finger Guards.

Finger Guards


Thermal Finger Guards are great for people who find their fingers getting hot when using hot glue, woodburning handpieces & a variety of other uses.

To order please go to the Pyrography, Craft & Woodburning Supply Page

Graphite transfer paper 1 sheet.

Walnut Hollow Transfer Paper - Graphite

1 Sheet (12" x 24")


  • Does not contain wax.
  • It  is great for transferring patterns to light colored raw wood for chip carving, wood burning, etc.
  • It will not bleed when you go over it with a pyrography tip like wax-based carbon paper.
  • Lines can easily be erased when you are finished & it can be used over & over again.
  • Transfer your favorite patterns easily.
  • To use, place pattern on surface and tape in place. Slip transfer paper (coated side down) between pattern & surface.
  • Use a No. 2 pencil, red pen or stylus to trace pattern elements.

OUR PRICE: $2.75

Graphite Transfer Paper Packs.

GourdSupply Products

Transfer Paper Packs

Sheets are approximately 8.5" x 11"

Same as above but better quality; different brand, size & options

  • Graphite is great for transferring patterns to light colored raw wood for chip carving, woodburning; fabric, canvas, drawing paper, metal. etc.
  • White transfer paper is good for transferring patterns to dark surfaces such as gourds, dark wood, fabric, paper, etc.

White 2 pk: $2.10

RETAIL: Graphite 5 pk: $5.25

OUR PRICE: Graphite 5 pk: $4.75


Items in my Amazon shop


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Jacquard Lumiere Metallic Paint Exciter Pack

This was by far our most popular product when we were stocking all the Lumiere Metallic paints.

Lustrous Lumiere metallic paint covers well and adds dazzle to fabric, gourds, leather, paper and wood.

I have used these on many of my gourds & they really make the designs pop.

Lumiere is a stunning metallic paint that can be applied with brush; airbrush; stamp; and sponge on a variety of surfaces including paper; polymer clay; cotton; leather; wood; and more.

This package contains nine 0.5 ounce bottles of Lumiere: Halo Pink Gold; Halo Blue Gold; Halo Violet Gold; Pearlescent Turquoise; Pearlescent Green; Pearlescent Magenta; Russet; Pewter; Sunset Gold

Conforms to ASTM D4236

Order Jacquard Lumiere Metallic Paint Exciter Pack

Jacquard Lumiere Metallic Paint Exciter Pack.

Jacquard Piñata Colors Exciter Pack

Exciter packs are a great way to try all the colors without spending a lot of money. They have always been our best selling items when we were doing shows.

These are great artist quality alcohol-based transparent inks.
Piñata colors are beautiful, color-saturated, acid-free, transparent inks.

They are alcohol based making them indelible and moisture resistant when dry. They work freely on just about any oil-free surface.

This package contains nine 1/2-ounce bottles of: piñata color-sunbright yellow, calabaza orange, chili pepper red, sapphire blue, lime green, burro brown, blanco, claro extender and clean-up solution.

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Jacquard Pinata Colors Exciter Pack.

Jacquard Products Pearl Ex Metallic Set

Jacquard's Pearl Ex Metallic Pigment Powders are very popular among scrap bookers, card makers, gourd artists & many other crafters.

These can be mixed with paints, dye inks & many other mediums & can be used on most surfaces.


  • Nine 3G jars of Pearl Ex Colors
  • Three 2.25G jars of gum Arabic
  • Also includes instructions on how to mix Pearl Ex with Gum Arabic
  • A short list of nibs that work well with Pearl Ex ink.

Colors Included:

  1. 694 Rose Gold
  2. 663 Silver
  3. 651 Pearl White
  4. 691 Solar Gold
  5. 658 Aztec Gold
  6. 645 Grey Lavender
  7. 687 True Blue
  8. 654 Super Russet
  9. 643 Pink Gold
  10. 648 Gum Arabic

Made in United States

Conforms to ASTM D4236

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Pearlex Calligraphy Set.

Nicole- Multi-purpose Heat Gun Tool with Stand Is Perfect for Embossing, Drying Paint & More (Colors May Vary)

Great for gourd artists, scrap bookers and other crafters.

Emboss, heat set dye inks, shrink-wrap and dry paints with this handy multi-purpose heat gun. This heat gun heats and embosses without blowing away pricey embossing powders. Shrink wrap packages and more with this terrific tool. Fold away stand and complete instructions for use are included. A vital tool for rubber stampers and crafters. 320 watts 3 amps 650 degrees F. Other features include a plastic safety shield that covers metal nozzle and on/off switch. UL approved

  • Melts embossing powder to create a raised, shiny, embossed impression without blowing powder away.
  • Great for heat-setting dye inks without spreading ink all over the material.
  • Great for drying paint, shrinking gift wrap and much more!
  • Features a clear plastic shield that covers the hot metal nozzle, an on/off switch and fold away stand.
  • UL Approved
  • 650 degrees F / 350 degrees C. 320 Watts, 3 amps, 120V

Order the Embossing Heat Gun

Embossing Heat Tool.


Silicone Bowl Stabilizer

aka: Gourd Stabilizer

This product is even more versatile than the inventor ever imagined. It's better than the "Grip all Jaws" and much cheaper. When they described this little gem as "versatile" they had no idea what creative minds would use this handy invention for!

  • Staybowlizer Bowl (& Gourd) Stabilizer -Becomes the third hand in the craft room & in the kitchen
  • Versatile and easy to use - Use it for secure carving & painting to keep the gourd from moving around.
  • Use it for mixing food & invert it to use as a double boiler (what a radical concept!)
  • Fits gourds (& bowls) with a minimum of 6 inches in diameter
  • Dishwasher safe - it's also FDA approved food grade silicone if you actually do want to use it for food!

Order the Staybowlizer

Staybowlizer Silicone Bowl & Gourd Stabilizer.

Pro-Imperial Repositional Measurement Paper Tape 1/2 in. x 50 yds. (Imperial scale)

This product was recommended by Darlene Propp on one of the Gourd Forums. I ordered one and found it to be a great help for laying out my design on a gourd. It was much easier than using brass rings or rubber bands. Once the lines are drawn, the tape can easily be removed or moved so you can safely burn the lines into the gourd after the tape is removed therefore avoiding risks of burning through glue. 

It is now available through our Amazon store. This repositional tape is a must have for gourd artists and other crafters who work on uneven surfaces. It is safe, easy to use and allows you to lay out the design quickly and easily.

Pro Tapes Pro-Measurement Ruler Tape is a Kraft paper tape with adhesive backing which can be used as a repositionable ruler. It is a low chloride content. Non staining repositionable adhesive system. It is a yellow paper tape printed black with markings every 1/8 of an inch and is numbered 1 through 12 and perforated at the end of each 12 or 36 inches. This tape is great for tough situations where a tape measure will not fit or work, such as gourds. This product is safe when used as intended.

NOTE: It is not intended to be used to burn through with a pyrography tool.

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Pro-Imperial repositional Measurement Paper Tape.

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Nedra's Special Formula Cleaner & Conditioner

This is a favorite of many gourd artists & other crafters.

Nedra's Special Formula has been used by stampers for many years to clean & condition stamp pads, but gourders have discovered just how wonderful this product is & what it can do to condition dry gourd shells & it is compatible with so many  products you will find on our site such as GourdSupply Products Dye Inks and Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments. If you haven't discovered this wonderful product you need to try it....it's not just for cleaning stamp pads!


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Nedra's Special Formula 2 oz Size.

GourdSupply Products

Nedra's Special Formula 2 oz. Squirt Top Bottle


Nedra's Special Formula is just what you need to clean & condition stamp pads, remove ink, condition dry gourd shells & so much more. ASTM D4236 approved

Here's just some of the uses:

  • Clean & condition stamp pads
  • Condition dry gourd shells allowing water-based chalk, dye & acrylic pigment inks to go on smoother
  • Makes it easier to blend colors
  • Prevents inks from soaking in & becoming very dark on gourd shells that are excessively dry
  • Removes pigment & dye inks from gourd shells, stamps & other materials using just a few drops on a piece of felt, microbrushes or a cloth rag
  • Use as a medium to lighten or dilute ink
  • Use as a base coat on gourds
  • Create a beautiful translucent shimmer by mixing it with Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments

How to use it as a medium:

  • Nedra's Special Formula is used just like the ink dyes.
  • It can be applied with any of the applicators in the applicator & brushes section of our store front such as: felt or foam applicator cubes, cotton-tipped applicators, a piece of felt, Microbrushes, or just about any other applicator or brush we carry.
  • Just squeeze a few drops out on an applicator or directly into the inks.
  • Just like the GourdSupply Products dye inks you wipe off the excess so it speeds up drying time.
  • Cleans up with water.

How to use to clean or condition a stamp pad or dry gourd shell.

  • To clean a stamp pad or remove ink from a gourd just spritz or squeeze some Special Formula to a dry cloth and wipe your stamp clean.
  • To condition a dry gourd shell spritz or squeeze some onto the cleaned gourd and rub it into the surface with a dry cloth before
    you use the dye inks. This will seal a dry gourd before applying the inks which will
    allow for better coverage to the surface of the gourd and prevent the ink from soaking into the dry shell.

It will not flake off or peel when varnish is applied over it like protective waxes will do. It is very concentrated so a little goes a long way.

RETAIL: $5.50

PRICE: 4.95

Nedra's Special Formula 8 oz Refill.

GourdSupply Products

Nedra's Special Formula 8 oz. Refill Size

Same as above but larger size bottle without a squirt top

RETAIL: $18.50

PRICE: 16.95

The Refill Size has been moved to the Clearance Center