Pattern and Design Books for Gourd Crafts, Pyrography and Other Crafts

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Some of my favorite books can be found here. I've collected design books for myself and Al for years.  As a carver he's always looking for new ideas and like me Native American and Celtic designs our tops on our list. Al has used some of the ideas in these books for love spoons, trivets, and a variety of other carvings. I've used them in my pyrography and gourds along with my own creations from our travels. 

These books can provide a great source of inspiration for all kinds of crafts.

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Pattern and Design Books

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101 Artistic Relief Patterns for Woodcarvers, Woodburners & Crafters
By Lora Irish

Packed with patterns for small-scale projects ideal for beginning and intermediate crafters, this companion features original relief projects that stand alone beautifully or that can be easily incorporated into functional and decorative items in the home. The entire carving process is demonstrated, employing a country apple quilt square project as the example, alongside detailed information on necessary tools, a review of the best woods to use, and instructions on how to achieve the appropriate levels of depth. Patterns include wildlife, botanical, mythical, and landscape subjects, and each project includes two detailed patterns: a line and a shaded variety. Fifty additional patterns for gorgeous corner designs that can be incorporated into a variety of crafts projects from carving and wood burning to painting and quilting are also included.  These patterns will work great for relief carving on gourds.

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101 Artistic Relief Patterns by Lora Irish.

Modern Tribal Tattoo Designs
 By Lora Irish

Inspired by traditional tribal tattoos, this collection of new artwork is an excellent sourcebook for bold and interesting designs from a range of cultural and historical sources. This reference features a wide variety of styles from the fine line work of henna patterns to black work patterns that incorporate large solid areas to motifs, such as totems, talismans, and free form designs combined with repeating elements, including triangles, spirals, suns, and barbed wire, to create body art that makes a bold visual statement of individuality that is rooted in traditional tattoo art. Additional information on the symbolism and meaning associated with the attributes of each tattoo is included to make this a comprehensive sourcebook on tribal tattoo art.

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Modern Tribal Tatoo Designs by Lora Irish.

Wildlife Designs: Original Patterns for Your Favorite Craft
By Sue Walters

Versatility is the main attraction of this manual that offers 30 handsome wildlife illustrations and 10 border designs suitable for transfer. Information is included about techniques for transferring both line and tonal patterns, illustrations are marked to show how to isolate parts of the design to use in conjunction with other images or alone, and the use of computers and copiers to modify patterns is also discussed. Although created for pyrography projects, the patterns are suitable for engraving, line cuts, quilting, relief carving, stained glass, stencils, and tole painting with color photos of finished pieces in all of the formats gathered in a gallery at the end of the book.

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Wildlife Designs by Sue Walters.

Great Book of Celtic Patterns
By Lora Irish

Calling on geometric forms found in Celtic monuments and manuscripts, this crafter's companion presents basic design principles and step-by-step instructions for plotting out and drawing lines, twists, braids, and knots in the ancient Irish tradition. With lessons that can be applied to a multitude of arts and crafts from needlework and woodworking to decorative painting this instructional guide unravels the secrets to creating intricate Celtic knot work. Offering increasingly intricate designs with the addition of lines and new textures, artisans of any skill level will revel in the endless archive of original patterns provided in this sourcebook.

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Great Book of Celtic Patterns by Lora Irish.

Great Book of Floral Patterns
By Lora Irish

With the addition of more than 30 beautiful flower designs, the updated edition of this all-in-one resource features expertly drawn patterns for hundreds of flowers. From poppies and peonies to daffodils and daisies, these realistic and stylized floral designs are perfect for craft projects in any media, from painting, quilting, and scrap booking to intarsia, woodcarving, and stained glass. Crafters benefit from full-color photos of finished works in a variety of settings, scenes, themes, and backgrounds that reveal the versatility of floral patterns, inspiring every artist to create their own masterpiece. Each design includes a line drawing for easy transfer and a shaded variety to illustrate depth and shadow. These attractive designs are great for beginners or experienced crafters alike.

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Great Book of Floral Patterns by Lora Irish.

Great Book of Fairy Patterns
 By Lora Irish

The history, mythology, and composition of angels, cherubs, fairies, pixies, and sprites are detailed in this handbook of fairy patterns. More than 72 fairy patterns for all mediums are featured, including dragonfly, sugar plum, and woodland fairies. The physical features of fairies and fairy backgrounds are examined in depth, including instructions for face and body painting that apply to all fairy re-creations. Comprehensive descriptions of different types of fairies accompanied by their folk histories provide a useful context for all fairy enthusiasts.

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Great Book of Fairy Patterns by Lora Irish.

Great Book of Dragon Patterns
By Lora Irish

This exhaustive reference of dragon designs details how to make realistic dragons based on mythological models. More than 72 patterns cover the range of historical and contemporary dragons, from worms to the shape-changing Drake, and can be used in a variety of mediums. A comprehensive look at the dragon's skeletal structure, scales, and head provides a useful understanding of dragon anatomy. Simple test patterns form the foundation for creating all the included ferocious creatures. An introductory description of dragon types and a survey of dragon lore contextualize this comprehensive guide.

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Great Book of Dragon Patterns by Lora Irish.

Great Book of Tattoo Designs
By Lora Irish

Presenting appealing and high-quality designs, this collection of tattoo artwork includes an extensive breadth of styles including fantasy, Celtic, pagan, gothic, sacred, oriental, and mythical. Whether used individually, in combination, or as inspiration for original designs, this resource provides designs ideal for personal expression. From dancing dragons and Aztec Indians to fairies and flowers, this guidebook is a perfect companion for anyone with an interest in tattoos. It is also a great source of patterns for wood burning and other crafts.

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Great Book of Tatoo Designs by Lora Irish.