Pyrography Woodburning Books by Award Winning Artist Nedra Denison

Pyrography 101 and Other Pyrography Books by Internationally Known Award Winning Artist and Author Nedra Denison

When I started burning back in 1999 I knew there was a need for more instructional books. There weren't many around at the time other than some basic pattern books nor were there any instructors teaching anything other than very basic burning. After learning on my own I realized it was time for a change. After teaching a few classes my students talked me into turning my handouts into a book.

Once I set my mind to it I had a couple of publishers asking to publish it for me but I decided to do it myself because I wanted to support the American economy rather than having the books printed in China which is where most publishers get them printed because of the low cost of labor. It was more expensive but it supported our economy rather than a foreign country & I got it done "my way".

"Pyrography 101":  Origination of the Original Title, Book and Online Tutorials

"Pyrography 101" is an original published book and online tutorial series that was created, written, and published on this website in 2002 and in print in 2003 by the artist and author, Nedra Denison.

Nedra Denison has been recognized as the originator of the "Pyrography 101" title and online tutorial series developed for this website and should not to be confused with other pyrographers who have recently started using this title on their websites and videos for pyrography tutorials.

About My Pyrography Books

My pyrography books have been best sellers consistently every year since the first book was published in 2003. 

If you want to learn Pyrography, or perhaps just improve your skills, these pyrography books are just what you need.  The books are easy to read and follow and include detailed step-by-step instructions using my "smooth shading technique" and a whole lot more. 

I started teaching pyrography many years ago and gave each student a handout in class. The handouts kept growing and requests for good instructional books from our website kept growing.

At the time there were not many good instructional books on the market so after much coaxing from my students, customers and Al, I finally decided perhaps taking those handouts and expanding them into a book wasn't such a bad idea. The requests I was receiving was for both an advanced book doing pyrography portraits from photographs and one good basic book for new burners. 

I do things a bit different from most people. I started with the more advanced book because I thought there was more of a need since there wasn't anything dealing with portraits available. After months of hard work I finally finished the first book and had a couple of offers from publishers to print it. After hearing what they pay authors and that the books were printed in China I decided to do it on my own with a local printer to support the US economy.


My first book "Lifelike Pyrography from Photographs" was originally published in 2003. It was revised, edited and reprinted in January, 2005. This is the only pyrography book on the market that teaches you how to do Pyrography Portraits using my "smooth shading technique" to create natural, life like portraits. It has been on Fox Chapel Publisher's best seller list since it was first published.

I knew these books were a success when they went into the second printing, but the clincher was when Cheryl Dow contacted me and told me that she had bought this book. Then Cheryl started burning human portraits and teaching her students my smooth shading techniques. Thanks Cheryl!


My second book "Pyrography 101", was originally published in 2004 and was revised and reprinted in July, 2007 & again in 2014.  It has been on Fox Chapel Publisher's best seller list continuously since it was first published.


"Pyrography Patterns" which was published in 2004 has consistently been selling even faster than my first two books probably because so many people are looking for new and more advanced patterns.  It has been on Fox Chapel Publisher's best seller list continuously since it was first published.


My fourth book, "The Art of Pyrography...Taking Woodburning to New Limits" is keeping up with my previous books in popularity. It is by far the best book I have done yet with a new layout, better quality photos thanks to my new digital camera and some great easy-to-follow step-by-step projects as well as all my latest patterns. It also includes a gallery of art from myself and some of my pyrography friends. This book will give you some ideas to help you step outside of the box and start thinking of other materials you can safely burn on to create beautiful pyrographic art. This book you will definitely want to add to your pyrography library.

Where Can You Find My Books?

You can find my books at some of the dealers listed on my Links Page.

If your woodcarving store or the vendors at your woodcarving show do not carry my books yet, ask them to order them for you!

You can also order my books, patterns and other supplies in my Online Store.

Here are some comments from people who have bought my books:

"Nedra, I would like to extend a huge thank-you for your book.  I would highly recommend it to anyone.  It is the most thorough and descriptive book I have come across thus far and would highly recommend it to anyone, not just doing portraits.  As we have no classes or workshops in my area that I am aware of, this book is a highly valuable asset to my little pyrography collection.  So, again thank you and I will certainly be waiting for the next book you come out with." ... Paul T, DePere, WI

"' approach is very helpful and her results are breathtaking.  Her book is written in a clear and easy to understand way that will be an over to all sorts of other pyrography projects."... Michael, former owner of the website

"Nedra I would like to extend a huge thank-you for your book. I would recommend to anyone reading this to buy that book. It is very thorough and probably the most informative without being in a class I have come across yet! excellent job very well done. thank-you"...Paula

"Nedra,  I just want to say that your teaching style from "lifelike Pyrography" was so clear and understandable that you have made me an instant admirer. I'm looking forward to your other instructional publications. You are either a natural born teacher, or you have worked hard to become clearly and easily understood. Gratefully yours, Richard Andersen"

"I wanted to let you know that I’m your newest fan! I received my order today and immediately
immersed myself into your Pyrography 101 book. I’m up to the first project, but before I even think about attempting that, I had to start practicing your smooth shading technique. Although I have more practicing to do, I’m already seeing a real improvement in my shading compared to my previous results of the past two weeks. I’ll be practicing both on gourds and some basswood squares I have here. Since I plan to burn more on gourds, I’ll have to plan better when cutting them (keeping scrap from the same gourd for testing). Thanks for your books!" ...Shari Z, Ocala, FL (2/13)

Dealer Inquiries for Wholesale Pricing on My Books

I do offer wholesale pricing on my books for qualified dealers and as an added benefit of ordering direct we do offer a better discount by ordering direct from me. Minimum order requirement is 12 books (you can mix and match) for wholesale pricing. Please contact me directly for dealer prices and terms. Book orders are shipped via FedEx but if you prefer USPS I can arrange that. If you prefer, I can use your FedEx account. Orders normally ship within 48 hours of receipt.


You can order my books online, or if you prefer to mail a check or money order, please use my mail order form. Note that the mail order form is ONLY for orders in the continental USA.

Shipping Information for My Books

I cannot customize the shipping & handling on the books so the shipping will be automatically added as you shop based on the total value of your order. Please refer to the information below regarding the shipping charges for my books. All books will now ship Priority Mail. Since the USPS now uses zone based rates (as FedEx & UPS have always done) so rates may vary depending on where the package is going.

If you are ordering books & other items the shipping is calculated based on the total value of the items you ordered. As I always do, if the shipping & handling you were charged was more than the shipping & handling you will receive a refund of the excess.


    • Individual books $7.25 each
    • Set of all 4 books $19.95
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  • If you live in Canada I am pleased to announce that Razertip Industries is now a distriburor of all of my books & you can now order my books from Razertip & avoid the high cost of shipping from the USA & possible custom's fees.
  • If you live in other countries outside the USA please contact me to discuss ordering options or check out the Links Page for sources in your area.




Learn to do  portraits from photographs

#B1 - Lifelike Pyrography From Photographs
By Nedra Denison

Learn to do lifelike pyrography portraits from photographs. This is the book that started it all!  It was the first book on the market for over 15 years that helps you learn how to do pyrography portraits with clear, easy to understand step-by-step instructions. 

This book is for more advanced burners who have already mastered shading techniques. It is chock full of Nedra's tips, tricks and Nedra's smooth shading (gradient tones) techniques. Included is a gallery of some of Nedra's work and their original photograph, a work in progress and step-by-step instructions for a portrait project that everyone will enjoy doing. It's like having my pyrography portrait class in the comfort of your own home! The book is coil bound to lay flat while you're working and has a clear plastic protective cover on the front and back.

PRICE: $19.95

SAVE 25% SALE PRICE: $14.97


Pyrography Back Cover 101 - 3rd Edition.

Pyrography 101 Back Cover - 3rd Edition.


It's like taking my class in the comfort of your home!

#B2 - Pyrography 101: A Lesson in Woodburning - 3rd Edition
By Nedra Denison

"Pyrography 101" is an original book and online tutorial that was created, written, originated and published on this website in 2002 and in print in 2003 by the artist and author, Nedra Denison.
Nedra Denison has been recognized as the originator of the "Pyrography 101" title and should not to be confused with other pyrographers who have recently started using this title on their websites and videos.

This book provides clear, easy to understand step-by-step instructions to help you learn how to create natural, life-like pyrographic art using my "smooth shading technique".

Pyrography 101 is now in it's 3rd edition & better than ever. It contains a lot of new information such as: how burners work & wattage, new resources, new chapters; improved images; updated information & pricing on the pyrography tools & the review chart; 3 patterns (Yaquina Head Lighthouse, American Pride & Enchanting Eyes).

The actual cover of the 3rd edition is white. Because the background on the website is white I have left the cover images "tinted" so it's more visible.

Although printing prices have gone up the price on this book will remain the same.

LIST PRICE: $19.95



Patterns suitable for pyrography & other crafts

#B-3 - Pyrography Patterns
By Nedra Denison

I have compiled 14 of my patterns into one complete book. The book contains line drawings of each pattern as well as a full-sized copy of the finished piece. It also contains patterns not available individually.

LIST PRICE: $14.95

SAVE 25% SALE PRICE: $11.22



Art of Pyrography.


Take pyrography to new limits & step outside of the "basswood" box!

#B-4 - The Art of Pyrography: Taking Woodburning to New Limits
By Nedra Denison

There is life after basswood and I am going to show you all about it! My latest book covers new and fun things you can do with a woodburner and not just on wood. I have included step-by-step projects burning on gourds and a portrait that I am doing on maple burl but you can use the wood of your choice. Included are some patterns not in previous books and there is a gallery of burnings done on unique canvas' such as paper, tagua nuts, leather, gourds, maple burls, canvas and more.

The idea was to give you food for thought about the type of "canvas" that can be used for burning. It's time to step outside the box and take woodburning to new limits. Its not just woodburning  anymore, its pyrography and you can experience the thrill of creating unique one of a kind pyrographic art.

This is the best book yet!

LIST PRICE: $19.95

SAVE 25% SALE PRICE: $14.97



#BCOMBO4 - Get all 4 books listed above
By Nedra Denison

Save money by getting all 4 books listed


SALE PRICE: $58.06