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Art and Craft Books on Zentagles and Inlace Techniques

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Totally Tangled: Zentangle and Beyond [Paperback]
Sandi Steen Bartholomew

Zentangle is meditation achieved through pattern-making. It is a complicated looking drawing that is built one line at a time. Simple tangles, or patterns, are combined in an unplanned way that grows and changes in amazing directions. With your mind engaged in drawing, your body relaxes.

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Totally Tangled: Zentangle and Beyond.


Zentangle 6 [Paperback]
Suzanne McNeill

More exciting tangle are here! And you are going to love all the new adventures for tangles. Brass stencils are the perfect companion to Zentangle - the sections are already to fill with fun tangle patterns. Fresh ideas for fashion jewelry - rolled beads, see-thru resin, spools, shrink art make tangles useful,
fashionable and easy to wear. Whether you enjoy relaxing, need a simple project while waiting, or want to create amazing art, you'll find appealing projects and ideas here; along with 40 new tangles to add to your life and design possibilities. Zentangle 6 will help you discover new creativity and explore new directions. Enjoy!

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Zentangle 6 by Suzanne McNeill.


Zentangle 5 [Paperback]
Suzanne McNeill

Are you eager for more tangles? Are you ready to take tangling beyond pater - into the next dimension? Welcome to Zentangle 5 where tangles meet bling, encounter shrink plastic, dominate dominoes, and emerge as wearable art.
Show off your passion for tangling with fashion jewelry artfully and uniquely tangled by you. Whether you make a bold statement to complement your jeans, accent an attitude, or just add a bit of bling to your day, you'll find an appealing project here; along with 40 new tangles to inspire your ever expanding repertoire of design possibilities. Zentangle 5 is all about pushing the limits,
discovering creativity and exploring new venues. Open your eyes to a wider tangling experience and enjoy!

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Zentangle 5 by Suzanne McNeill.

Zentangle Basics

Suzanne McNeill

Turn doodles into art designs. Learn how to create intricate tangles step-by-step. Drawing tangles improves focus and develops dexterity. Who would have thought that something fun would be therapeutic.

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Zentangle Basics by Suzanne McNeill.

Zentangle 2

Suzanne McNeill

Sequel to Zentangle Basics. Learn more tangles to use on scrapbooks, cards, sketchbooks, journals, and artist trading cards.

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Zentangle 2 by Suzanne McNeill.

Zentangle 3

Suzanne McNeill

25 tangles to use with rubber stamps. Zentangle calms the mind. It helps reduce stress and improve focus. This relaxing process turns drawing simple patterns into artistic design.

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Zentangle 3 by Suzanne McNeill.

Zentangle 4

Suzanne McNeill

Learn new ways to jazz up cards, scrapbook pages, art journals, and anything else you can lay your hands on. It's all fun so get inspired and tangle something! Learn to color with chalks, watercolors, pencils and pens; add bling with glitter, jewels, and sparkly inks.

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Zentangle 4 by Suzanne McNeill.

Inlace Techniques: Resin Inlay for Gourd and Wood Crafts

By Betsey Sloan

This is the first comprehensive book written on the uses of InLace Liquid Inlay System for gourd artists and wood turners. Chapters present carving techniques in gourds, mixing resin, insetting, sanding, and polishing. Step-by-step directions that can be applied to any gourd and five projects from contributing artists are include, as well as three original designs for the crafter's use. The most common challenges working with resin inlay are addressed and ten gourd artisans and a wood turner share their experiences with this decorative inlay material. An extensive gallery of gourd and wood turned art will inspire readers to add personal touches to their projects. A resource list guides readers to suggested supplies.

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Inlace Techniques: Resin Inlay for Gourd and Wood Crafts.