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I offer the latest and greatest gourd, craft, Pyrography and pattern books through my association with Amazon. The best part is you receive Amazon's great prices and free shipping with a $25.00 purchase. Anything you order through our Amazon links will be a separate transaction from items ordered directly from this website.

If you want to learn Pyrography, or perhaps just improve your skills, my Pyrography books are just what you need.  The books include detailed step-by-step instructions using my "smooth shading technique" and so much more. You will find my Pyrography books available here with free shipping to anywhere in the USA.

I no longer stock books except for those written by me.  But now, in association with Amazon I am offering a wide variety of the best selling Pyrography books as well as gourd, pattern and other craft books.

Why the Switch to Amazon?

Because of all the traveling we do to woodcarving shows and gourd festivals it was becoming overwhelming trying to carry a "ton" of books. I also felt that as a small business owners I can't compete with Amazon's low prices but I wanted to offer my customers the best variety and prices available so I decided..."if you can't lick 'em, join 'em." 

All of the books I offer are the all-time best sellers and all are offered at Amazon's great prices and most are available with free shipping with a $25 purchase. All purchase made through our Amazon link will be a separate purchase from my store front.

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I continually check for the latest and greatest books available and add them here as they become available but once you enter Amazon through my link you can feel free to browse and find other wonderful books and products.  But just remember, even if it's not listed on my site, if you enter Amazon through one of my links, you can shop around Amazon and still support our company. Through our association with Amazon you can now pre-I continually check for the latest and greatest books available and add them as they become available from the publisher

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As always, I thank you for your continued support.

NOTICE: I try to keep up with the latest books available in that will be of interest to you. I have recently reviewed & added several new books in the pyrography, gourd & craft business categories. I don't add all of them but I go through the books & pick the ones I feel are the best books that think you will all like & find them as good resources. I hope you enjoy them.


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