Woodburning and Gourd Art - Gourd Art and Pyrography by Nedra Denison

Gourd Art and Pyrography/Woodburning by internationally known artist and author, Nedra Denison

I have been involved in art since I was 13 years old. I started out drawing, then spent many years painting with oils and then experimenting with acrylics. I did mostly landscapes and seascapes but dabbled a bit in still life. While I still paint, my new canvas is painting on gourds.

After a long absence from art due to stress from my job I reinvented myself as an artist working with wood and gourds. I have an always will find art relaxing and therapeutic. 

I find working with nature's canvas' more fun and rewarding than I could have ever imagined and far challenging than working on a traditional canvas.

From the moment I find the right canvas throughout the process of creation and execution it is filled with excitement especially working with gourds which gives me so much opportunity for creativity. 

Each and every piece I do is done purely for my own satisfaction and parting with it has always been hard for me but I'm learning to let go.

I invite you to view some of my newer work. Most of my paintings on canvas are part of my own personal collection and not available for purchase so I have not included them in my gallery. 

How to purchase our work

If you would like to purchase of my original pieces of art or would like to discuss a commission, please contact me


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Chip Cavrving by Nedra Denison.

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Pyrography Gallery


Chip Carving Gallery

Boxes, plates and crosses

Gourd Art Gallery

Bowls, masks, ornaments,
 and vases