A gallery of unique woodcarvings, scroll-sawed clocks, crosses and gifts by Alan Denison

 Alan is a woodcarver from way back, or should I say finger carver, because that's what he first started doing at the age of 11. After refining his techniques, he finally figured out that carving wood was much more effective and less expensive than buying stock in Band-Aids.


Alan enjoyed whittling away on caricatures and eventually started carving canes and other oddities. 

Alan was also creating a lot of sawdust with his new RBI scroll saw, so we decided it was time to do something with all those works of art he was creating and they began selling them at arts and crafts shows.


Alan enjoys working in his shop creating a wide variety of projects from carving in the round to creating functional woodcrafts for the home. With some input from Nedra Alan has created many items that are sold in our store, such as napkin holder blanks for carving and burning; pyrography tables to make burning more comfortable; pyrography pen holders and some hand carved beads.  From time to time he also creates carvings to be used on some of ' gourds.


Many things Alan creates are for our own personal use but from time to time he creates something that he's willing to part with.

How to purchase our work

If you would like to purchase any of my original pieces of art or would like to discuss a commission, please contact me


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Woodcarving by Alan Denison. "Climbing Ivy" scrollsaw by Alan Denison. Fretwork Clocks and woodworking.

Woodcarving Gallery

Caricatures, spoons, sculptures, canes & walking sticks

Fretwork & Carved Crosses

Chip carved & Fretwork crosses

Fretwork Clocks & Woodworking

Clocks, puzzles, etc.